Top 5 Ways To Find Topics For Your Blog

Every blogger runs out of topics some days. In these type of days, you look for what is trending and you cab write about but no inspiration. You try so much and hard and yet nothing. This is called “Writer’s Block”.

Writer’s Block can be so annoying and frustrating. You might be looking for ideas that are hotcakes and you don’t even know where to begin. With this post, I would help you overcome this.

Easy Steps On How To Find Topics For Your Blog.

1. Keyword Research:

When you run out of ideas, it is best you do some keyword research. Make use if tools such as SEMRush. With that tool, you would quickly find topics which are hotcakes and you can write on them and post it on your blog. This is one of the best ways to overcome writer’s block. I can assure that this works because it works perfectly for me.

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2. Use Google Suggestion:

Do you know that the search terms that you find on Google suggestion when you browse for related keywords are the most searched phrases. You can try them out and use them to quickly find new topics that would bring you traffic. You can be lucky and rank higher than blogs who have posted articles on those keywords and in the end you get massive traffic. This helps a lot. You should really try it out when you run out of ideas.

3. Check Out Related Blogs:

To keep your blog fresh and juicy with contents, keep tabs on your competitors and their blogs. When they post new content and it interests you. You can use it as an opportunity to overcome writer’s block and update your blog. This would keep your blog going with trends in your niche and you have a basic idea of what most people are reading.

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4. Make Use Of Twitter:

Though this is not for every niche, but this strategy works best for those in the entertainment or entertainment related niche. Twitter is a great place whereby you get to know what people are talking about. This would help you find interesting ideas and inspiration on what to write.

5. Engage Your Active Readers:

This is a technique most Nigerian bloggers are not familiar with. If you run out of ideas you can use your readers as an avenue to get more ideas by engaging them. Ask them what they want to read stylishly and make sure you do it in a creative way. This would help you overcome writer’s block. Depending on how active your blog is, you readers might answer you and might decide not to. Go for this option if you are very sure you readers are very active and loyal.

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Hope this article was helpful?

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  1. Nice tips bro, there sure are many ways to keep it going, even during the block moments

  2. Good enough to know about this I think am going to gain alot from this because very soon am going to a blogger.

  3. Nice tutorial bro, this will surely be helpful in time.

  4. No 5 will be good if it is carried out

  5. good idea for sharing this with us ,i know this is going to be helpful to me when am in need of it

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