The Essence Of Technology In Africa Of Today

Hi guys, I would be writing on the essence of technology in Africa.

Let me state one thing before I go further. I am not a tech blogger. I run a blog named which is based on Pop Culture, Politics, Analysis/Make Money, Movies/TV Shows and a little bit of tech so just classify me as a blogger whose niche is a general niche.

I am writing this piece with my little knowledge on technology and its impact on Africa.

Africa, as we know today is really far behind other continents when it comes to technology. What can we do to change that. Africans would continue to blame the government for the fact that we are still lagging behind but that is just true to an extent. All what the government has to do is to provide an enabling environment whereby SMEs that are into tech would thrive. As for me, using Lagos as a typical example, there is an enabling environment already. The only problem you can ever face is the problem of cost of data access and network connection. But that should not stop you in any way at all.

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Most tech startups fail and blame the government. The blame is not entirely on African governments. Most of these blame is on you. Yes! You! If your startup fails this is because you lack the drive, motivation and the ability to be creative.

You need to have the drive to be motivated to successfully thrive and be creative. All big tech companies all failed at a point but today, their story have all changed because they persisted. One thing Africa lacks- Africans with the ability of endurance in the tech world.

Look everywhere except Africa. You would see that most new billionaires made their fortune from technology. The richest man in the most advanced country in the world which is driven by technology and also happens to be the richest in the world is Bill Gates. His company Microsoft is purely a Tech company. Also, in recent times, Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos according to Bloomberg at times overtakes Bill Gates bit it doesn’t last for too long. Without technology, Amazon is dead so also Microsoft but guess what? Technology is here to stay.

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Back to the dark continent, Africa. The richest man for the seventh time in Africa according to Forbes is Aliko Dangote. His primary business is not driven by technology. But of course, his company would be using Technology to aid its activities but my point here is that Africa can do better.

People would have made it from technology in Africa are still millionaires and not billionaires. It is not until Africa becomes a technology infested continent that we will have billionaires.

The revolution has started and you and I can make a whole lot of difference. The question is are you ready to accept Technology as an African?.

About The Author.

Adebanjo David is a blogger and a vlogger who runs a blog and a vlog named and Kingston Dome TV respectively.

He is currently a student of University Of Ibadan as a student of Political Science. 

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