The 10 Ultimate Ways To Make Extra Income As Undergraduate In Nigeria.

Being a Nigerian student is quite uneasy faced with so many challenges coupled with strikes upon strikes acediace stuff, struggle for GP and other things. But most importantly financial issues have been the main struggle I bet you’d agree with me on this one right?

As an undergraduate in any Nigeria University an extra source of income is needed for other things like clothes, social life and other personal things and with the sense of responsibility most undergraduate take it unmature to be asking their parents money for every little thing, the feeling of Independence is actually good and I can relate to how it feels being able to run my social life with money I earn and stuff.

Little Insight On My Story.

I’ve been making a lot of money since 2016 that’s two years now, doing different things ranging from importing, blogging, selling on classified sites, designing blogs and other things. So I believe am in a good position to discuss and enlighten you on ways to make extra income as an undergraduate in Nigeria.

Mindset To Make Money As An Undergraduate In Nigeria.

Most times most students wants to make money but at the end of the day they discourage theirselve or end up being discouraged by others. I wrote a similar post on ways college students could make extra cash and if you’d check it I said a bit on mindset you need to have a mindset to make money for you to make money.

You have to train your mind to make money a blunt mind can’t make money, stop the saying am reading all day I don’t have time, of course you do you have the same 24 hours every other human being has. So stop discouraging yourself and have the mindset that you’d begin to make extra income.

The 10 Ultimate Ways To Make Extra Income As Undergraduate In Nigeria.

Guess you’ve been looking forward to this finally it’s here! So take ia chill pill if you’ve just been scanning this post I’d suggest you sit still concentrate and read this ways to make money as an undergraduate.

1. Import And Sell On Jumia Or Konga.

Importation is the process of bringing in a comodity into a particular country from another country.

In Nigeria so many comodity are needs most especially since Nigeria is not a first country like United States , United Kingdom, France, China and the host of others.

So as a student in Nigeria you can import from these countries most especially China and Singapore and sell on sites like Jumia and Konga.

How’s that even possible seems in possible right? Yea but it is possible first let’s look at the people selling on either Jumia or Konga.

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They are normal people who either has a shop or warehouse they are either importes or people that create a product.

But we ain’t creating any product we importing say it we importing. Yea that was nice so you buy products from China through sites like Alibaba, Dhgate and the host of others which we would discuss later on here.

So after buying comodity in demand you then register to become a seller on either of the sites after getting approved then you would have to upload a good picture or graphics of the item and post with price.

Simple as that right well keep in touch here by dropping your email when you scroll down here and get a details on importing and selling on Jumia and Konga.

2. Selling Friends Used Phone On Jiji, olx.

Selling friends phone with their consent I didn’t mean stealling the phone.

There are times when friends do meet me to help them sell their used phones because I had this thing with phone, then I would contact buyers locally and go to the hood to sell the phones.

But now when I got to use these classified sites I began posting pictures of the phone with price and fill in my contacts and bang ! bang! Buyers are calling and am hitting the deal and making more profits better than I do get when I sell locally.

But in any way your not used to selling phones there are other things you could sell on these classified sites too.

3. Renting Out Your Stuff.

We all those friends that want to go to a party or wants to hook up with a hot chick and wants to look so good and expensive and they be like bla bla bla ! Can you lend me your wrist watch, or can I lend your shoes .haha some would even lend underwear πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚just kidding.

So you can be like me that buys expensive stuff like Patek wristwatch and the person that wants to borrow it would drop a coleteral similar to price with the watch or even higher like phones or laptop and when the product is returned the items would be returned. Am not dumb so the person’s pays full even before collecting the stuff.

Smart idea right don’t rush into it now , have a plan and good fancy stuff before you begin and if you need guidance you can email me with my email in profile.

4. Get Paid To Solve Past Questions.

Where dem book gurus come in make cool cash, you can tell no much hard work besides your using your intelligent if your not the marketing type like me or the selling guru your a guru on books so you can sell your knowledge am not too enlighten in this topic but myschooolgist might be the right spot for you to sell your knowledge.

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Just sign up and answer questions correctly before 24hrs and make money which would be paid directly to your bank account you provided.

5. Become A House Agent For Efficient Landlords.

What do you mean? Chill let me tell you this as a student’ we’d staybin school after the session yea we stay off campus so after the session we stay and collaborate with landlord on how to position their houses with the right price for the next session and we become both the agent and care taker of the house with good payments.

You see you didn’t build the house neither did you buy the land but your paid for your service.

You see all am saying in this 5 ways to make money as an undergraduate in Nigeria before I go to the remaining 5 is that making money is not as hard as it seems and am using Nigeria scenario am not telling you to do some foreign stuff no no am giving you hint for stuff around you so let’s hit the remaining five.

6. Blogging As A Hustle.

If your really a Nigerian undergraduate you’d agree with this saying ” hustle must pay” abi yea am a blogger a serious hardworking blogger and hustle have been paying really.

Blogging is giving your audience the right content and it’s not for the lazy or the faint in hearth you have to be prepared to loose money and make money πŸ’°πŸ’°.

Get the right niche please leave the entertainment niche I know you want to be likes of Linda ikeji and Bella Naija but look for something else please don’t go to over crowded niche am saying on experience.

Start your blog and use few Monetizations or even check my detailed post on how to make money on your blog.

7. Organize And Charge For Tutorials.

Hey! Am not good in MTH in school and holy crab I pay the tutor guy to get straight with the course.

So you can organize something like that probably outside campus and charge for it don’t just carry all the knowledge and be silent come out make money and a name with em knowledge.

So get a good location advertise properly to your fellow students and begin.

8. Sell Coded Used Shirt A.K.A Okirika

HahaπŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£ 🀣 funny right who the hell still patronize those stuff well people do including me writing this so people still do and I do buy them at night thats the right time.

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So get a good supplier advertise on WhatsApp when contacted sell it as silent as selling weed and don’t let it cast.

So start selling or you could be selling like the igbo boys at night.

9. Laundry And Dry Cleaning Services.

There are so many G-boys in my school and I have a friend very popular that does this dry cleaning stuff dear Jesus this guy is making loud cash.

And besides he now has a washing machine which I helped him to get one and I gained though don’t tell him o.

So as I was saying you could start this too and make loud cash you don’t need much cash 100k is cool.

10. Hair Care / Saloon

Let me tell you this secret I would love it if a lady gives me a nice haircut.

Same goes for ladies that love it when guys paint their nails or do their hairs or even makeup.

My girlfriend, and my sister even their friends are ready to pay me for their nails or to do their hair although am not perfect at hairdos but still they love it compared to the women out there with reasons like they ain’t caring enough or they don’t listen.


So I’ve given you a keys now it’s time for you to open the various doors of financial freedom and make money in school stop being a broke ass dude or lady.

I’d love it if you scroll down and subscriber on this blog you’d get more stuff like this share this gurubasics posts to your friends.

About The Author Of This Post.

Udochi Victor Chibuike. That’s my name am your money making fine boy, romantic dude, welcome to my world check out my blog for more stuff add up on IG@mrchibyke, Twitter@drealtalker1 fb name East Carter.


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