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How To Get Free 3GB And 1GB For YouTube On Tigo GH Network

Free 3GB and 1GB can now be activated on Tigo GH network for free without paying a dime. Nothing is as good as surfing the internet with huge free data. So Ghana users now has the full opportunity to activate free 3GB for 30Days and 1GB for streaming only YouTube which lasts for complete 6months. This free data can only be gotten from one of […]

How To Watch YouTube Videos Without Using Internet

YouTube Go, a data efficient YouTube app, has been announced at the Google for India keynote. The app includes smart offline feature and it designed to use a lesser amount of data while streaming videos. This will help the users connected to a slow internet network. India has been the wellspring of various Google ideas […]

YouTube launches social network features

YouTube has been working tremedously on it’s website to help YouTubers interact with their audience, instead of users using their “rivals” web like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to communicate to their own existing platform on YouTube. For past months, Tests and reviews has been ongoing on this feature and yesterday, Youtube publicly launched their social network […]

Youtube Red Is Now Available In Nigeria

I know you might be wondering what YouTube Red is, it is actually a “paid-for subscription” service that gives you access to a lot of features which you can’t access or do normally on Youtube, for example, with Youtube Red you can watch any video without ads, download them, play them in the background, and […]

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