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Free Airtime Giveaway to Top Commentators for for January 2018

We’ve come to the end of another wonderful month and as a norms of this great blog, we get to reward our top commentators for each month. For the end of January, we still had some of our usual commentators and I’d personally say that I was so pleased with their lovely comments on the […]

Free Airtime Giveaway to top commentators for December 2017

It’s the end of another month and also the end of a wonderful and great year. The year 2017 was a very nice year which saw the launching of this great blog and thanks to our readers and followers, you’ve all made this blog what it is today.  Lest I forget…. HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS. […]

Free Airtime Giveaway to Top Commenters for November 2017

Hello Gurus, happy new month to you all. We thank you all for how you’ve ever been consistent in checking out our blog updates daily and following this blog.  As usual, we reward our top commentators on this blog monthly and this is something we started back when this blog was launched and will still […]

Free Airtime Giveaway to GuruBasics Top Commentators for October 2017

Hurray we have come to the end of another great month and we thank God for sepearing our lives to see this  new month. This is also the end of another blogging month for us here on GuruBasics and as we have been regularly doing, we reward the top commentators on this blog monthly. This […]

Free Airtime Giveaway To GuruBasics Top Commentators For August 2017

We from the GuruBasics Team wanna you this opportunity to say‚Äč a very big thanks to you all, for your time, effort, contribution and lovely comments on this wonderful blog. GuruBasics was just launched this month and I must say, so far you’ve all made this blog project a great one.  Mid-August we announced that […]

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