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Norway Ends All Radio Transmission In The Entire Country

Norway to become first country to end FM radio Norway is set to become the first nation to startswitching off its FM radio network, in a risky andunpopular leap to digital technology that will beclosely watched by other countries consideringwhether to follow suit. Critics say the government is rushing the moveand that many people may […]

Facebook Releases Group Video Call Feature On Messenger

Up to six people can video call at the same time, but Facebook doesn’t want to force everyone in a group to participate. As Product Manager Andrew Song told Digital Trends, not everyone is always “video-call ready.”“We designed this experience with mobile phones in mind,” Song said. “And we were trying to figure out how […]

Reasons Why Driverless Car Might Not Work On Nigerian Roads

Image credit: Popular Mechanics The whole world is going gaga about driverless or self-driving cars and how cool they are .Nigerians especially have affinity for luxury and using the latest technology especially when it comes to cars .Today we would be giving you seven reasons why driverless cars won’t just work here in Naija . […]

What Is A Fitness Tracker And Why You Need One

Interested in getting fit? Or Want a tool that will help you keep track of all the positive growth you have been making?What you need is a fitness tracker.Let’s start by reviewing what a fitness tracker is, some kinds of common models, and why you may want to consider getting one for your life. What […]

I-Boating: Marine Charts & Fishing Maps With Vector Marine Charts

  i-Boating : Marine Charts & Fishing Maps  Vector marine charts i-Boating is a popular marine navigation app, available on iOS, Android, Windows  & Blackberry.  It uses hardware  acceleration for rendering ENC charts on all devices, making it the first application of its kind. i-Boating Chart Plotter Applications Its a full-fledged chartplotter and includes virtually all […]

Checkout The Coca cola Selfie Bottle

Coca-Cola agency has invented world’s first Selfie Bottle that takes snapshot of your face while having a sip of Coke mineral. It is a million Dollar idea that can trap Selfie freaks into ordering for greater cans of coke as soon as the selfie bottle is sooner or later going to be available worldwide. The […]

Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition

BUY FROM NITENDO WALMART HEREThe Nintendo’s little (NES Classic Edition) is elusive. The little $60 Nintendo stimulation framework is at present sold out in many spots, however regardless you may ready to catch one…eventually. Here are the spots giving gamers trust, and those that have closed down deals.Starting 2 p.m. PT/5 p.m. ET November 11, […]

Google jamboard 55inch 4k touchscreen board

Google  has just announced the Google Jamboard, a big 55-inch 4K touchscreen whiteboard that it plans to officially launch in early 2017. It is a 55 inch 4k resolution white board. Google wants more businesses to use its cloud-based collaboration apps like Gmail, Google Drive and Google docs , and it believes that a new hardware […]

How To Install Video Security Devices

As a home owner, knowing that your home is physically secure from harm will bring you peace of mind. Aside from the basic security measures installed on your home like locks, motion sensors and fire alarms, it will be a great help to have a video security system installed as well. You can be free […]


Portable battery chargers, better known as power Bank have become a great utility for Smartphone users as it not only helps to keep your devices charged up while on-the-move, but also because they in spite of being handy and portable, can charge your Smartphone and tablet multiple times depending on the capacity. You have to […]

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