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Latest Update On MMM Nigeria After It Reopens

On Friday morning,MMM Nigeria again 24 hours beforehand of its scheduled date, but seventy two hours later, its freeze on debts continues to be intact, TheCable can record.After its move back on Friday, some MMM participants who spoke with TheCable stated that despite the fact that they were capable of request for their cash, had […]

MMM Nigeria… How MMM Zimbabwe crashed

  MMM Zimbabwe made a lot of people rich but eventually made a lot more poor, typical of any pyramid/ponzi scheme that has come into existence. Yes, the whole concept was to use “spare money” and this is probably the gospel your guiders preached throughout your participation but the truth is many participants succumb to […]

MMM Dominates Google Trend As Crash Fears Heighten

The Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox, popular Ponzi scheme known as MMM, payment suspension for one month was top on Google search this week, an official said on Thursday. The Google’s Communications and Public Affairs Manager, Anglophone West Africa, Mr. Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade, made the disclosure in a statement in Lagos. He said that the search was as […]

Clarification On MMM SCAM Alert ⚠

Promoters of MMM Nigeria, known as Guiders have urged Nigerians to remain calm as the one month freezing of all accounts of the scheme is a measure adopted to ensure sustainability and stability of the scheme.The system which entails the Providing Help (PH) and the Getting Help (GH) also assured that there is nothing to […]

Join MMM Today and Make Millions

WHAT MMM IS!!!                 The financial market is composed of a number of financial institutions that perform a variety of functions. In most context, financial institutions can be considered synonymous with financial intermediaries in the financial market. In simple terms, financial intermediaries are financial institutions that pool resources and […]