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iPhone 6Plus Explodes While Being Charged

With the rate news of exploding Smartphones is flying around the internet this days, it’s either most of this stories are faked, there is probably an increase in the rate of defective devices or maybe a lot of people just suddenly start to show interest in stories like this. It all started with the whole […]

The Anticipated Iphone 7 Is Finally Here

The iPhone 7 is here people! Apple has just showed off its latest flagship iPhone at its annual September event in the US. Most of the rumours that have been circulating about what the iPhone will look like and what features it will have just been confirmed!Yes, people. Just like we have been hearing, the […]

New Release Date For iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 was expected to release sometime in September, but a popular leakester has ended the wait for an official word from Apple with a release date that we may have to hold on to reason being that leakster has been accurate 99% of the time. Evans Blass, the popular @evleaks thinks Apple’s iPhone […]