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How To Completely Lock Down Your iPhone

There’s no doubt that the iPhone lock screen packs a lot of functionality. That’s a fact that was only made truer with Apple’s overhaul introduced in iOS 10. You can view the contents of and reply to messages, see notifications, access Siri and see tons of information at-a-glance with Widgets — all without having to […]

How To Make Conference Call From iPhone

Making a conference call is no longer a new gist. This feature has been available ever since and many more organizations and businesses are used to it. You can create a conference call on any phone, be it Android,Blackberry, Java, Symbian, Windows, etc.But today, i will be guiding you on how to create this same […]

How to fix slow charging on iPhone

Today am going to talk about the solution to your iPhone that is charging slowly. Is your iPhone charging slowly? Does it  take forever before it getsfully charged? Worry no more as these tips can boost your devicebattery charging time once applied. One of the advantages of Android phones over iPhones is the fact thatmost […]