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How to add Keyword Tags on Your Blogspot Blog

To attract more readers and potential clients, your blog needs to appear in search results when Internet users enter appropriate keywords. Blogspot blogs offer HTML editing so you can insert a “meta” keyword tag directly into the blog’s code. Adding a keyword tag is one way to help search engines categorize your blog’s content and […]

Why You Need The Blogger App For Blogging

I’ve been blogging for over a year now but it’s just of recent I decided to download the blogger app and check it out. People on various whatsapp groups I’m part of have recommended the app and also give a good commendation about the app. I downloaded the app from google playstore and decided to […]

How A Plugin Installation Can Crash Your WordPress Website

WordPress plugins are used to add functionality to WordPress websites. But just as they can be a great way to improve the power of any website, they can also create problems for an existing website. Installing plugins should therefore be done with care in order not to cause problems especially for well established websites with […]

Top 20 List Of Free High PR Ping Sites

What is Pinging?  In blogging, a ping is an XML-RPC-based push mechanism by which a weblog notifies a server that its content has been updated. That is an XML-RPC signal is sent from the weblog to one or more “Ping Server(s)” (controlled by the weblog) to notify a list of their “Services” of new content on the weblog. (Wikipedia). Ping is a just […]

10 Google Search Ranking Secrets You Might Not Know.

Whenever the subject of SEO comes up, everyone starts thinking of keyword density and manipulation. Most businesses want to be visible on Google search engine. Someone mentioned that anything not found on Google search engine does not exist. Since Google is entrusted with the huge responsibility of making only legitimate and reputable websites visible, they […]

Ways Bloggers Can Make Money Online Without Ad Networks

It’s quite possible to make money with your blog without ad networks although ad networks help to boost revenue, but it’s always better to have something else that earns you money on your blog.  I’ve run this blog for almost six months without an ad network because I was test running some things. So,  here’s […]

Steps To Write A Super Article For Your Blog

As a professional blogger, upcoming blogger or even a potential blogger, writing a unique content and article for your blog is one of the most daunting tasks to be faced, whenever your blog is online. This is that the more unique your article is, the more traffic you generate, and the more you are ranked […]

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