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Things That Could Go Wrong With Cars -2017 And Beyond

Cars of the future are already here without a doubt.We already have completely autonomous cars,semi -autonomous cars and funny enough flying cars(mostly prototypes) .The question on everyones mind is : What could possibly go wrong ? ,what could cause confusions ?.1.HACKINGThere is really no debate about this , there is sure going to be a […]

The Best Car Interior You’ve Ever Seen

Let’s see if there is anyone in the house who knows good car interior better than me.. The first time i saw the interior of this S-Class, I almost passed out. Just imagine this fantasy becoming your reality.. got ya! I always tell people it’s good to dream big… Tell us your best car interior […]

Cars Names, Meaning And Nomenclature

Ever wondered how the names , of cars were chosen .All those abbreviations you just don’t seem to understand like BMW(Be My Wife ).Its time to know the truth.I would be taking the veil of ignorance off your faces1. Alfa RomeoFormerly known as ALFA(Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili).The name changed when Nicola Romeo bought the company […]

Top 7 Cars That Once Ruled Our Nigerian Roads

These top 7 cars amongst others ruled our Nigerian roads back in the days.. Let’s know the one you loved or drove. . Add yours if your choice is not on this list. For those who don’t know these cars.. come pay your dues to the elders. 1 – Volkswagen Beetle 2 – Peugeot 504 […]

Reasons Why Driverless Car Might Not Work On Nigerian Roads

Image credit: Popular Mechanics The whole world is going gaga about driverless or self-driving cars and how cool they are .Nigerians especially have affinity for luxury and using the latest technology especially when it comes to cars .Today we would be giving you seven reasons why driverless cars won’t just work here in Naija . […]

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