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List of Android Phone Secret Codes

Android Phone secret Codes provide useful accessing for information about your device, for development or to perform quick test. However, these codes can cause you to lose your data or even make your smartphone unusable. Most of the menus are in English and include terms that are obscure, even incomprehensible to ordinary people. if you […]

How To Play Xbox Games On Android

How often do you get to play Xbox games on your android phone? I guess not that much, if you are conversant with Microsoft Xbox games you will agree with me that it is one of the most dominant players in console gaming, though consoles like Play Station have been around for quite some time, […]

List of Android phones with IR blaster

An infrared blaster which is also called IR blaster is a device that accept input from your remote and communicate or blast via infrared to any device that is infrared enabled.  We  are all familiar with the TV, Air-conditioned, radio and DVD remotes that enables us to do whatever we want with the device without touching it directly.  Recently […]

How to Use Do not Disturb on Android

Do Not Disturb  has been around since Android 5.0 Lollipop. Its like silent mode on steroids. It can silence your phone quickly or automatically, but also allow certain people and apps to break through. Do Not Disturb” allows you to limit or completely silence notifications and alerts on your device. You can use Do not disturb to […]

Gionee M2017: Specifations, Review and Price

The brand new Smartphhone yet to be released, Gionee M2017 Specifations, Review and Price  has gone viral Gionee M2017 with whooping 7000mAh Battery Capacity has gone official with bookings already in Gionee’s official site going for ¥6999 or around $1000 or about 490,000 Naira in Nigeria. Indeed the smart phone is in the premium category unlike, the […]