Steps To Write A Super Article For Your Blog

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As a professional blogger, upcoming blogger or even a potential blogger, writing a unique content and article for your blog is one of the most daunting tasks to be faced, whenever your blog is online. This is that the more unique your article is, the more traffic you generate, and the more you are ranked higher on Google. Right from the start to the finish, it is necessary to keep a visitor glued to his screen, in anticipation of getting more knowledge about what he is reading.

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One of the reason why you lose a visitor is because of the fact that you write poor article contents, and a visitor who is dissatisfied will quickly move out of the blog without even going through the other topics in the blog. Losing visitors means that your rankings in the search engines will surely drop, which is not good for business. In this write-up, I will be leading you through the steps that will guide you to churn out super articles for your blogs, and also articles that will make readers stay glued and anticipating the next article.

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Let’s consider the following points:

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Create a Super Topic/Headline.
One of the things that will entice a visitor to click on any link or article is the topic or headline of that article. You are meant to use words that are enticing, phrases that are quite catchy and also, the words that would be friendly with search engines.

You should also take note that the topic you used should also reflect the information you are giving out. Most times, controversial headlines/topics are always cool to be used, depending on the instance.

Let’s assume we want to write about Google Ads, which of the following headlines would entice a reader more?

“How to earn with Google Ads” or

“How I earned $1000 with Google Ads”.

It boils down to how you present your headline.

Present a Clear and Concise Introduction

Visitors to your blogs are busy people who are searching round the web for information. Boring them with lengthy speeches just for an introduction isn’t just the right way to begin an article. Introduction of a simple topic should clearly be written with a few words.

For example, “I earned about $1000 last month on Google Ads, and in this article I will be showing you my secrets”. Clear, concise and perfect.

Touch Key Points

Like I pointed out in the step 2 above, you shouldn’t waste anybody’s time discussing about things that don’t really matter.

You should come up with your points and these points should cover the basics of whatever you are trying to explain. Since we are talking about “Google Ads”, I believe that the points you are bringing out should include

What? are Google ads

How? can you get it

When? you can get it.

These are the points I believe every visitor wants to know about, and you should consider spacing them with paragraphs, in order to add a new dimension of clarity.

Develop your story (Problems with Solutions)

While writing articles and web contents, especially those from the negative aspect such as: “Why Google will Reject your Ads Application”, most writers and bloggers are quick to focus on the negatives, instead of also providing solutions to the problems they have listed.

Nothing pains a visitor the most like seeing someone listing out your problems, without giving you a hint on how to get solutions. So therefore, in your next article, try incorporating the solutions into the problems you are listing.

Keep it Plain and Simple

Your grammar composition, your spacing, your write-up in general should be made readable even to a layman who is surfing the internet for fun. Nothing sucks more than reading a complicated article.

Have you ever wondered why you don’t always read doctors test results? Because they are too complex to understand.

Reading a simplified article is what every visitor would love to do, and you should make sure you stick to that. Since you are writing for your visitors.

Create a Call to Action

Creating a call to action is simply telling the readers the next step to take. It is like leading them and showing them the way to go, in order to achieve what they have read about.

If for example we have written about “Gold watches”, a call to action might be written thus “Order for your Gold Watch here”.

Taking all the above steps and putting it into action will definitely help you bring out articles that will keep your readers looking forward to the next one that is about to come. If you have any addition, contribution or questions, do well to use the comment box below. Thanks for reading.

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