Specs & Price Of Vkworld Crown V8, World’s Thinnest Phone

Chinese phone maker Vkworld is all set to introduce the Vkworld Crown V8 smartphone which comes with an innovative thermal touch, the first of its kind. The Vkworld Crown V8 also scores another first in being the world’s thinnest smartphone, with a slim thickness of only 4.7mm.

You might be wondering what the Thermal touch is all about. It is a technology that combines infrared and visible light cameras to detect the heat signature from your fingers and turn any object into a touchscreen. The technology could be embedded in the smartphones and wearable devices to offer new ways of interacting with our environment


The Vkworld Crown V8 looks quite different from what our regular smartphone. The front and back of the phone are covered with glass and the frame is metal but the shape of the phone is different from others, a little bit like the old Moto Droid Razr, perhaps the world’s most secure Sirin Lab’s Solarin smartphone.

Vkworld Crown V8 Features

The Crown V8 features IP67 certification which means it is water-resistant, dust-proof and Vkworld claims it is shatter-proof. According to the company, the phone can withstand a one-meter depth of water for up to 30 minutes (don’t experiment with yours though).

Vkworld Crown V8  features Corning Gorilla Glass 4 but with some redesigned details such as a shatter shield layer covering on the surface of the glass to further protect the phone.

The only interesting feature of this device is its thermal touch screen, as it is the first of it’s kind and it will be interesting to see how the company has implemented it. Stay tuned for more information.

Display: The display of Vkworld Crown comes from LG Display and it is an IPS display with OGS full lamination.

Speaker: The device also features innovative front-facing speakers which promises to deliver surround sound and deep bass just the way some HTC phones do.

Vkworld Crown V8 Price in US, India, China

The Vkworld Crown V8 will hit the market in the middle of July at a very cheap price of $79.99, which is about Rs 5,500 in India.

One aspect of the device still covered in veil is the thermal touchscreen. It is still not clear how it would work andthere are no further details about the device as f now. We’ll keep you posted as more information surfaces as the launch date draws closer.
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