Does Poor Network Affect Phone Battery

A friend of mine was complaining that his phone battery was dropping anyhow whenever he had poor network or poor signal and to me I felt this was not true but was supposed to be the opposite and that poor signal would even save you some battery on your smartphone.

We argued this for long and decided to consult the oracle “Google” for more info on this and to my greatest surprise, it seemed to be true as people were also complaining about this.

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Look at what some of them had to say about this strange but true topic. Maybe I don’t really know so much after all

Poor network affect battery

Yes. When you have a poor signal, the internal radios use more power to try and maintain or improve the connection.

Major. Like having nearly no service can kill your battery minimum 2 to 3x

Not just searching – the lower the signal you have it will actually turn up the amplifier on the radio, thus dramatically increasing battery drain. The amplifier takes up probably more battery than the ‘searching’.

When you have great 4+ bars signal it can turn down the amp.

What do you guys think about this? Does poor network also affect your smartphones battery?

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  1. I haven’t experience something like that , it even when I have a low signal on my phone I switch off my data

  2. it do affect it either poor or rich signal do affect thereby reducing your battery percentage.

  3. Yeah that’s true, I agree cause it’s one of the reasons I dislike Glo, whenever I put it in my phone my battery drains very fast. I even thought it’s from that particular sim but now I know better. The network bar is mostly 1 or 2 bars and sometimes it disappears and switch to emergency.

  4. I dont really know about that cause am just seing it here. I dont really see how network will affect battery

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