Top 10 Affordable Smartphones In Nigeria Right Now

While some top phone brands like Samsung, Blackberry, Sony, HTC, Motorola, iPhone makers Apple are busy stealing headlines around the high-end smartphones market, there’s a lot of interesting things going on at the cheaper end of the market. No doubt everybody wants to own the best phones in the market today but unfortunately, the best […]

Get Etisalat 1.8GB For Free

I’m pretty sure that you guys are still flexing with Etisalat Magic IP’s and Chatpak/Social me, but you might want to try this very small megabytes to back up in case of future phenomenon. I called it small Megabytes, yes is very small, don’t me about the topic, but you will soon understand me, just […]

Top Apps Bloggers Need To Grow Their Blogs

Blogging has always been about expressing yourself and sharing what you know on the Internet. Android as an operating system is growing fast thanks to its availability on a wide range of smartphones and tablet devices as well as the fast growing number of applications that are available in Google Play. With huge amounts of […]

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