Getting a working U.S.A number to use on Whatsapp has been a great deal for most of us but the tutorial that follow will make it easy .Going straight to the point …. Step 1: Download voxox for IOS or Android from their respective stores or here hereInstall and register with your current local number and country code. […]

Reloaded: How To Use MTN BIS On PC With Simple Server

MTN BIS is still rocking on PC despite the experiences of few people that said it is no more working for them. To some people, it only work on their internet browser but refuse to work on other softwares that requires internet connection in other to work. I shared a post like this some months […]

How to reduce quick battery drain on your android device

Oh no! Imagine that moment when you need to browse out an important information on your and your battery starts beeping and notifying you of low battery. Chai! That experience when you want to have a nice chat with someone so important or your boo and your phone just tripped off as a result of […]

How to Increase RAM Of Your Android Smartphone

When you’ve had a smartphone for a while it can start to feel slow, and RAM — random access memory, which is where your phone stores its stuff as it’s using it — can be part of the problem. If your phone doesn’t have enough RAM it can struggle, but there is a way to […]

Airtel Unlimited Free Browsing Blazing HOT On All Devices

I think this year will be year of freebrowsing even more than that of 2015. Because have been seeing fbt here and there such as Mtn Musicplus, Eti 0.0k, 2go mb, the old Mtn bblited and so on. Now its time for airtel users to flex free unlimitedly, because Airtel has take over *smiles*. So […]


If you are a Nigerian/webmaster still struggling to make your first $$$ online,then affiliate marketing may just be a perfect one for you.With affiliate marketing,you no longer need to depend solely  on google adsense before you can make some money online.With these local affiliate programs,you no longer need to disturb yourself about owning or operating […]

How to run double whatsapp accounts on your android device

GbWhatsApp is built on the latest version of the WhatsApp and allows you to run two WhatsApp at same time. It also contains many mod features.  Features:Support CallsThe possibility of hiding to appearPrivacy optionsThe ability to send video size 30 MB instead of 16 MB​​The possibility of sending 90 image at once without 10Possibility of […]

K8 Mini Android Smart Wrist Watch That Reads Your Health Condition And Forecast Weather

Do you realize that this Smartwatch can test your heart rate? It can likewise break down your whole body condition. I can see your eye foreheads been raised at this point. All things considered, chill! It’s not only that; this watch can be utilized to record your strides and screen your activity time and separated […]

This Hands-Free Robot Suitcase Follows You Around The Airport

If you think your travel bag’s cool because it has wheels that can roll a full 360 degrees, well, we’ve got a new definition of cool for you. Cool is when a suitcase can follow you around on its own — hands-free. This isn’t the suitcase of our imagination or some contraption featured on the […]

Ntel/Mtel Set To Create 4,000 Jobs And Provide 4G LTE Service As They Commence Operation March 2016 In Nigeria

The good news is not just about the 4,000 job opportunities that will be created by NATCOM but the network company will provide 4G LTE service to Nigerians as soon as they start work fully by March this year according to punch news. NATCOM is the new pioneer of ntel and have since Novermber, 2015, […]

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