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  1. i’ve never heard of skril account before,but it’s quite similar to paypal account

  2. I hear it can also be used to cash out from payeoner which is very nice

  3. wow never heard of that

  4. gonna spread this to my gees

  5. This is my first of hearing about this account hope it’s cool

  6. Thanks for the info, I will try and creat my own skrill account

  7. May I ask that: it is necessary the address one provides while registering is similar to the (billing) address of the bank account. Secondly, do I need to add my Card and account number. Three, what type of account does it accept: savings, current, Dorm, corporate? Four, do I need to fund the account before I can receive payment on it.

    1. I’d advise using a dom account. You don’t have to fund the account

  8. If I do want to received money am I to used my skrill Id or used skill as my method of payment and add my account number

    1. Use your skrill as method of payment

      1. Thnks for messaging

        This is what I’m seeing on my affiliate marketing. While requesting for withdrawal

        Method of payment: I choose skrill

        Withdrawal account: ???? Is what please

        1. Your skrill details

  9. whice type of debit card can i use to withdraw with?

    1. Any of your naira cards

  10. Hello please I just opened a skrill account and I want to use it for my binary options. I used my Nigerian address to opened it… I hope they won’t restrict my account when I receive money from any broker?
    Please reply ASAP

  11. I hope akrill doesn’t restrict account like PayPal when u recieve funds abroad?

  12. I just open a skrill account but it didn’t ask for any date of birth or phone number or address. is that the new way of acount opening?

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