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  1. thanks for letting me know about the importance of owning a domiciliary account..i actually did’nt know about it all

  2. but please,can a blogger recieve earnings from paypal account?

    1. Yes, PayPal is a payment method for some advertising networks

  3. i have blogspot site, is it possible i get adsense approved on it?
    Apart from blogging what other benefits does a dom account gives..?
    Thanks for this vital Information.

    1. Yes you can get AdSense approval for it. Dom account allows you withdraw in raw foreign currency and change at black market rate. You can also use it for receiving foreign funds from other channels

      1. what are the requirement to getting adsense approval?

        1. You can check that out HERE

  4. The big problem is getting guarantors with accounts in the bank.

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