It’s Kenneth Mellanby Hall week and this year is gonna be so damn dope. 

As usual, there’d be the inter floor competition and this time it is coming with lots of surprises for all Sport lovers both within and outside this great hall of residence.

As far as you’re reading this post, I believe you’ve gotten little info on what is happening. Mellanby Hall Excos in conjunction with would be given out free airtime from now till the end of the inter floor competition.

How To Win Free Airtime From Us

All you have to do is just make predictions on the games for the gameweek and BOOM if your predictions are correct, you get to win free N500 airtime of your choice. For each game week, we’d list the available matches and you have to make predictions for all the matches using the comment section i.e you must predict for all listed games. All match predictions must be made before kickoff of the first match on Saturday and other match days.

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What Are The Predictions I Can Make?

The available predictions you can make for the games are:

  • Full time win for either the Home or Away team ( 1 FT or 2 FT )
  • Win or Draw ( 1X or 2X )
  • Full time draw ( X )
  • Over 2.5 goals ⚽⚽⚽ 
  • Under 2.5 goals ⚽⚽
  • First-half win for either the Home or Away team ( 1 HT or 2 HT )
  • First-half draw ( X HT )

Also if you get to predict the full time score line (i.e correct score) of any two (2) matches in one gameweek, you’d get to receive free N1,000 worth of airtime GBAM.

Available Games For This Gameweek 

  • Executive VS Hall Legislative Council (8:00-8:40am)

  • A-Block Topmost Floor VS B-Block Topmost Floor (8:50-9:30am)

  • A-Block Dungeon VS C Block Topmost Floor (9:40-10:20am)

  • B-Block First Floor VS A-Block Middle Floor (10:30-11:10am)

  • A-Block First Floor VS D-Block Middle Floor (11:10:11:40am)

How To Make Your Predictions

We have five games available for each week, so they’d be in the format Game 1, Game 2, Game 3, Game 4, Game 5. Using the example below, all your predictions should be in that format. If I were to make my own predictions, then it’ll be like:

GAME 1 – ( 1 FT )

GAME 2 – ( OVER 2.5 )

GAME 3 – ( UNDER 2.5 )

GAME 4 – ( 2X )

GAME 5 – ( 1X )


If I were to make full time score predictions for any two games

GAME 1 – ( 2-1)

GAME 4 – ( 1-5)


Once you make your predictions, add your phone number below.

All winners will be announced here on this blog at the end of the last game for the game week.

NOTE: All predictions must be made before kickoff of the first match on each match day.

The First Three (3) correct predictions for each game week will be rewarded with the free airtime

Meet me on Mellanby pitch on Saturday and other match days as I await my results of my predictions… Predict your own now!!!💯💯💯💯💯

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Add a Comment
  1. GAME 1(1FT)

    GAME 2(UNDER 2.5)

    GAME 3(X)


    GAME5(OVER 2.5)


  2. GAME 1 (1FT) GAME 2 (OVER 2.5) GAME 3 (X) GAME 4 (1HT) GAME 5 (UNDER 2.5) 08132294783

  3. Game 1 -2X
    Game 2- 2X
    Game 5-1X
    Game 3- un 2.5
    Game 4-X HT

  4. Game1 – (2x)
    Game 2 – (1x)
    Game 3 – (2FT)
    Game 4 – (2x)
    Game 5 – (⚽⚽)

  5. Game 1 – Under 2.5
    Game 2 – 2X
    Game 3 – 1X
    Game 4 – 2X
    Game 5 – Under 2.5

  6. Game 1- Under 2.5
    Game 2 – 2X
    Game 3 – 1X
    Game 4 – 2X
    Game 5 – Under 2.5


  7. game 1- (2x)
    game 2- (2x)
    game 3- (under 2.5)
    game 4- (2FT)
    game 5- (under 2.5)

  8. Game 1 – Under 2.5
    Game 2- 1X
    Game 3 – 1X
    Game 4- 2X
    Game 5 – Under 2.5


  9. game 1- (4-2x)
    game 2- (2x)
    game 3- (under 2.5)
    game 4- (2FT)
    game 5- (under 2.5)08080208218

  10. Unfortunately, nobody got to win the free airtime

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