How To Make Money As An Entertainment Blogger In Nigeria

One of the things Google is against is “copy and paste”. They really hate the ” copying and paste method and that is why you must original content on your blog to get approved by Google AdSense.

But there are many bloggers that are making $100- $1000 per month from their entertainment blog but do note that you need to really get popular to be able to make $1000 and above per month on a steady basis. You would need breakout or viral posts which are controversial to achieve this.

This is what helped Linda Ikeji. Through a viral post which was about popular Nigerian actor, RMD, Linda Ikeji became the “African big mama of blogging”.

Examples of popular entertainment blogs in Nigeria include:

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and so many more

I will give you tips and tricks on how to make money as an Entertainment blogger.

What You Need To Make Money As Entertainment Blogger

1. A phone/ a laptop
2. Internet access (at least 17 hrs per day)
3. Money for advertising(you would need money for advertising)

What You Need To Do.

1. Set up your Entertainment blog. You can either put it up on Blogger or make use of WordPress.

2. Create and put up posts. At least 10 posts per day is okay for starters. As time goes on and your earnings increase, you can employ authors to post on your blog.

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3. Create a Facebook Page. After creating your Facebook page, link it up with your blog. I strongly recommend dlvr or hootsuite.

4. Promote your Facebook page and your posts. This is where you need money. You can promote your page for as low as N306. Also promote selective posts. Posts that would bring traffic. At least if you spend $20 promoting a post with Facebook, you can make up to $100 on that post. This is very very true.

Most bloggers don’t know about the trick which is the 4th step above. I myself learnt about this trick some days ago.

What are you still doing? Go for it and try it out. Your feedback would be highly appreciated

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  1. Thanks admin I think I have gained alot from this post.

  2. this post is very important for all bloggers and pre~bloggers thanks for the info

  3. The trend now is to fabricate a very delicious lie about a popular celebrity then copy it over to nairaland and hope for the admins there to push it to front page. Yes, controversy sells

    1. that how it is done my brother

  4. I believe am gonna be a blogger very soon, thanks admin keep the good job

  5. entertaining or not I will make it as a blogger

  6. Mr Guru…Drug baron is here

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