Introduction And Requirements To Create A Website

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Welcome To Another Tutorial On “Creating A Website” I Promise This Will Be One In a Thousand . Creating A Website Is Not All About Knowledge and Skills In Coding It Goes Far Beyond That ..

Some Free Website/Blog Builders Platform To Consider;

Are You Looking For A Platform To StartUp A Website For free ? These Platform Below Are Well Known , Free And Easy To Use Depending On The Programming Language You Specialize On.. 

* Wapka .

Main Subdomain Extension – , ,

Languages – CSS,HTML,JavaScript, Jquery Can Be Use In Wapka.


Main Subdomain Extension – ,

Languages – CSS,HTML JavaScript


Main subdomain extension –

Languages – CSS,HTML,JavaScript

*WordPress – WordPress is a profession platform it runs on PHP,HTML,JavaScript,CSS,Jquery etc. Main Subdomain extension 

* Blogger – Is Anyone Simple To Use Blogging Platform That is powered by PHP,html,Jquery,JavaScript etc. Main Subdomain extension 

*SMF,Mybb,Phpbb,joomla Are Also Very Good Platforms For Expert Web Designing..


*I Don’t Know How To Code

*I Don’t Have Money To Start Up A Website

*What Is my Gain If I Create A Website

*There Are Many Website Why Will People Visit Mine Instead

If you are related to any of this question , while here are some answers.

Coding should be more of a hobby if you have no skill at all on any language here are some websites than will help you learn easy and fast;


iii.sololearn app(search “solo learn” app on googleplay store or Google search engine and download to start learn how to code offline)

I advice you start learning HTML & CSS .

Money Should Not Be An Issue If You know how to code .You can create your website for free from scratch using any of the platform above.( use Google to search for tutorials)

Well,If You start your website the right way you will gain a lot from it . Social Recognition, Popularity , Money are some of your gain if you start well and are hardworking .

It is true that human beings can never be satisfied but you can try to at least give more than usual .

#My First law – Be Different.. 
Yes Be Different that is my first law I try to be different,unique and always separate my self from the crowd.
#My Second Law – Don’t Follow They Crowd Let Them Follow You Instead .

[big]Creating A Website What You Must Know.[/big]

*Choosing A Niche(Category) – Choosing a Category you are good at when creating a website is very important. One of the main reason why people lack good updates for there site is wrong niche. if you are good in Musical Instruments, you decide to focus your site on music/music instruments it will be very hard for you to lack something to write about . but if you choose the wrong Niche you will end up looking for posts instead of creating posts.

* Domain Name – Your domain must sync with your site content, title or description . when choosing a site name, avoid using complicated characters or number .Your domain name should be one that can easily be remembered.

* Why Are You Doing It – Passion, Money,Learning and Hobby Are They main reason many people start a website.

Money – If You are blogging for money make sure you do it the right way (Don’t Copy And Paste). Many people nowadays create website just for there own selfish reasons. There are many Scam(fake) sites especially in the online business category many people do such for money.

Learning – One Can Decide to create a personal website where he learn how to code and so on before moving into the industry .

Passion – People that Blog For Passion Are Hardly Recognised But It is good to blog about untapped niche . if you are interested In Music especially the Piano It Is not bad to start a blog on piano . It is hard for passion bloggers to copy and paste.Because they are passionate about it and know more on it so they can create many post on it and still have more to create. 

Hobby – Some people can’t do without there phone for at least 6hours so is coding some people are addicted to coding if it is your hobby you can easily venture into it full time. Hobby bloggers are more like passion bloggers.

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