How To Make Money In Ukraine | Top 10 Side Hustles To Earn Huge Income In Ukraine

Hey! Plan on heading east? Or probably your already there in Ukraine that beautiful place with lots of hot chicks, night life is jumpee and jumpee hot seriously don’t ask me what jumpee means , that I can’t say, well back to Ukraine with the nice buildings in the city centre and you know the drill with hot girls. I guess I’ve mentioned girls twice dont mind me I love em ladies.

If your new to Ukraine you’d want to go for the popular Airbnb house renting and that would cost you about $500 to $600 a month, although the food you could get a meal for $5 to $10 with the lots of cultural heritage and traditional stuff, beautiful place you ought to have about $800 per month no no no👹👹 you need an average of $1,000 to live well in Ukraine.

You’d want to go for a loan but would that help you could just get a loan of $500 and then how do you pay back, getting a job hell no job stands for ( just over broke ) so I don’t suggest that. You know what you need? Side hustles.

What side hustles can I engage in to earn in Ukraine either as a new person or as simesom living there?

Below are 10 side hustles to make money in Ukraine.

Top 10 Side Hustles To Earn Huge Income In Ukraine

Top 10 Side Hustles To Earn Huge Income In Ukraine

Top 10 Side Hustles To Earn Huge Income In Ukraine

  • 1. Freelance

Freelancing sucks!🤧 I know but please hear me out.

As a copy writer you can learn up to $1000 per Article and even more I’ve written this article in less than 45 minutes and it would be over 500 words by the time an finished it’s simple as that write first then edit.

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Drop the social media, no internet, forget the food and just write and write.

  • 2. Design Blogs For People And Charge $100 and Above.

Designing blogs these days is quite easy unlike the days of much code and bla bla bla you just have to design the blog on WordPress platform for the person with a good theme for example this blog gurubasics is running on the theme fronteir and it’s on WordPress platform.

  • 3. Graphics Designers Can Charge $100 per Logo Which Is Most Times Pre Designed.

There are so many logo template on the internet all you just have to do is to re-edit them change some few colors and that would be all for $100 bucks or even more.

  • 4. Rent Out Your Empty Room On Airbnb

Probably your not aware of that? But you could actually let out that empty room on Airbnb and have an income that month for that space you rent out, so why keep that empty room lying around rent it out and make a few bucks.

  • 5. Do Some Few Home Services And Earn Huge Bucks.

What home services can I do? Well that’s not hard you could do cleaning services for people, dusting them houses for busy working class people, you can do this in private or register under a cooperation.

  • 6. Dog Sit
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What the hell is dog sitting anyway well it’s any cool way to earn Huge Bucks in Ukraine it’s just like the babysitting we all know it’s just that most houses love them dogs so much and don’t want the dogs to be lonely so someone needs to sit and take care of the dogs, I heard the pay is up to $500 bucks.

  • 7. Translator

Being a translator is a very high income side hustle and According to my research the pay is high translating between Russian, English pay up to $100 per hour that’s pretty high and you could also go to and sign up to translate.

  • 8. Make Money Blogging

Apart from creating blogs for others and earning cash you could create your own blog like this one Monetize it and make huge cash within two months if your actually serious.

You can check my detailed post on how to make money from your blog.

  • 9. Affiliate

You’ve heard a lot on affiliate or you’ve been mis-informed or un-informed well which ever case it be that’s the end because you can make money through affiliate.

Which is simply using your blog or social media sites to earn money by posting the product to be sold by a shop or company and then be paid in percentage when the item is bought. You could check this on how to make money with your Instagram account with affiliate.

  • 10. Make Money On YouTube

Another way to make money in Ukraine is YouTube if you know this popular medical students Ade and his Father this guys made huge cash on YouTube and you too can, you can choose a niche, get a good camera and start something don’t worry about the 4,000 watch hours on youYouT new policy you can get through that if your good and if you follow this procedure in this post here.

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Final Words.

Making money outside of a corporate job doesn’t need to be difficult, but it does take effort.

If you get creative though, you’ll probably find people are practically willing to throw money at you to make their lives easier.

If you unearth enough opportunity, eventually you’ll strike gold.

PS: If you’re serious about making some cash via online methods, make sure to check this blog dedicated for that here.

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