Tips On Getting Quick Adsense Approval

Its becoming difficult getting approval from google adsense nowadays. This has sometimes resulted to bloggers and website owners giving up on applying for Google adsense due to frustration.
The adsense program policy and T.O.S are very strict and ones your blog does not comply with their rules and policy, you will not get approved and the worst part of it is the fact that google wont give you a precise solution or accurate reason after your blog has been rejected.
Here,i put together some solid tips and guides that you need to follow to get google adsense approval fast on your blog.

1. Get a Domain
Before you apply for the AdSense program you must first get a custom domain name like .com, .net or .org. Using the custom in applying for Google adsense will leave you in constant rejection by adsense as their crawler would not be able to view your blog.
You can only use the sub domain when your blog is 6 month old and i also want you to know that Google adsense does not allow you to change your blog address after you have submitted it the first time so if you have done so with the “” format you will have to get a domain name and register for adsense again.
2. Implementing Ads Code On Your Blog
once you have gone through the registration process, the next step for you is to implement the ads code on your blog. Some people gets confuse when it gets to this stage but its very easy to implement the google adsense code and when you are registering for adsense for the first time they automatically
implement it to your site but if they didn’t or you have been rejected and need to apply again just
resubmit your application and go to and sign in, you will then
be able to see your dashboard and get the ad code.
To implement the code login into your blogger dashboard and click on your layout tab you will see
a “add gadget box” written in blue, click it and select html/javascript in the list of gadgets, it will
open and in the box space place your ad code without naming it.
Ones you are done with the implementation, you will have to wait for google adsense human specialist to manually review your site.
Don’t place ads on auto-generated pages or pages because this often result to constant rejection
3. Copy and Paste is Prohibited
Copying from another blog and pasting into your blog is prohibited as specialist can quickly know by the format of your post or by google searching the first 32 words of your post and all the post that contains those particular words will show up.
4. Don’t Use Other Sites Images :
Do not copy and other site images into your blog as Google adsense specialist can easily trace the source of the image. You can easily download any image from a blog and save it with your own name on your PC. Then you upload it into your blog instead of copying the image directly into your blog.
5. Post With Enough Content
if you are trying to get approved by adsense you sure need to be ready to write a content that runs into thousands of words . Once your blog has been approved you can then consider the 200 words post with 5 images.
6. Build Your Blog Before Applying:
Build your blog completely before you apply for Google adsense and make sure make sure all your site pages are well finished and your template is Error free. Google code checker can detect error in your html template code and this will lead to the disapproval of your adsense request.
7. Add The Policy Privacy, About Us, Contact us Page
Its mandatory you have the aforementioned page on your site because this will give google adsense specialist the insight of what your site is all about.
8. Don’t publish contents that will violate their policy
Posting Unclad contents or other content that violate their policy like hacking or copyrighted
materials will result in your adsense account being disapproved or banned

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