How To Get UK and USA AdSense Account In Nigeria

UK and USA Adsense in Nigeria — Getting AdSense approval is almost every newbie blogger’s dream but it’s also one of the hardest thing a blogger would always talk about. I know how long it took me to get AdSense approval though that was actually because of my unseriousness.

Every Nigerian blogger wants to get Naija AdSense account but find it so difficult to get and it has been discovered that getting Adsense approval for countries like UK and USA is so easy. Therefore why don’t you try and get UK or US AdSense account in Nigeria. Through this post I’d give you guys a walkthrough on how to do so.adsense approval

Easy Method On How To Get UK or USA AdSense In Nigeria

Getting UK or USA AdSense is so easy and in less than 24 hours you will get approved. To do so, get a well designed blog or website available. The blog should have some few well written contents on it. Follow this guide HERE to help make your blog ready for AdSense approval. Now visit to apply.

Fill in ur website and all other Info’s that they need from you. In the part of country, select United Kingdom or United States as your country. Then once you’re done with that, you’d be required to place some codes after the head tag of your website. After doing that, notify AdSense that you’ve done so. Within the next 24 -72 hours you should receive a congratulations mail that your website has been approved to use AdSense.

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How To Verify UK/USA AdSense In Nigeria

You must have got your UK or US AdSense account approved and also reached or passed the required amount for you to receive your pin in order to get payed. The next thing on your mind is how to verify your UK AdSense or USA AdSense in Nigeria. Don’t worry, I will show you some easy methods on how to do that.

1. If you have a friend or relative over there, try and get in touch with the person. Get the address of the person and use as your address in your AdSense account. When your pin is sent, it will be sent to that address, contact the person informing him/her about the Google AdSense Pin you’re expecting. Once the individual receives it and tells you the AdSense six digit pin, you can then input it and verify your AdSense account.

2. Another way to verify your UK or US AdSense in Nigeria is by paying someone to help you with that. There are many people that verify UK or US AdSense in Nigeria just for a token. If you don’t have anyone that can help you with that, you can contact me for that and within few days, you’d get your UK or US AdSense pin to verify your AdSense account.

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3. The last method to verify your AdSense account is through using US/UK based mailing companies. You can read more and check out some of them HERE

How To Receive UK and USA AdSense Payment In Nigeria

So you’ve verified your Adsense account and you have also reached the AdSense payment threshold therefore it’s time to get paid. But wait a minute, you can’t receive your UK or US AdSense Payment into your Nigerian bank account and also you don’t have a UK or US Bank account. Don’t worry, I’ll show you methods on how to receive your UK AdSense Payment or US AdSense payment in Nigeria.

1. As usual, if you have a trustworthy friend or relative over there, you can make use of his bank account if he/she has one. Once he receives your AdSense payment, he/she can then forward the money to you via Western Union.

2. Another payment which most people make use of is by opening a Payoneer account. It’s very easy to get and you’d be given a US Bank account or a UK Bank account depending on which you need. You’d also be given a Payoneer MasterCard for free which will be shipped to your location. You can learn how to open a Payoneer account HERE.

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UK and USA Address, Zip Code For AdSense Account

You’ve been searching for UK or US Address to use for AdSense in Nigeria, or maybe it is UK or US zip code for AdSense that you need, you can use fakeaddressgenerator to get that and use to apply for your UK or US AdSense account in Nigeria

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