Fiverr 2018: Make Up To $1000 On Fiverr As A Nigerian

Fiverr is one of the hottest ways of making money online as a Nigerian right now. This is one of the surest ways to make up to a thousand dollars per month. At least that will pay your bills right?

If you are interested in Fiverr, I will teach you how to make money via Fiverr as a Nigerian.

By now you would know what Fiverr is all about. It is a freelancing site whereby you get paid for whatever skills you render. You can get paid as low as $5 per gig and up to $200 for just one gig. Cool right?

Making $1000 per month from Fiverr might sound as a big deal to you as a Nigerian and also impossible but do not be alarmed. It is really possible. Just follow all what I teach you and all you would achieve on Fiverr is nothing but success.

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Steps On How To Make $1000 On Fiverr As A Nigerian

1. Equip yourself with a skill: You need a skill to be successful in Fiverr. Learn a skill and monetize it via Fiverr. You can learn how to create videos and then use it to make money via Fiverr.

2. Create a new account: Go over to the Fiverr website and create a new account. After creating your account, wite a profile description and use a profile picture which sows your professionalism.

3. Reaserch your niche: Don’t be in a hurry to create your first gig. It might backfire. Do a research first. There are a lot of competitors and remember you are new so you have to offer something better even at a lower price. Always add something enticing, extra and ou of the box to your gig.

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4. Reviews: Even after being enticing with your gigs and offering extra services, it is 99.9% sure that no one will come your way and require your services. This is when the power of reviews come in. You need reviews to rank higher. As a Nigerian, to get quick reviews you have to buy reviews. After that, create your first gig and start making your dollars.

Note that after buying reviews you might not get any jobs for the next 1 to 2 weeks but after that you would see magic happen.

It is not too late to go into Fiverr. Who knows you might really make more than $1000 per month and there are people who make up to $3000 per month and guess what? They are Nigerians.

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  1. The major issue here is how to get the skill to use on fiverr.

    Bro, what would you suggest, that can be learned quickly?

    1. It all depends on what you love. To succeed on Fiverr you need to love what you do nevertheless, writing posts is one skill which can fetch you so much money. Also, logo design is a great way to start if you have the skills

      1. Thanks a lot for this insight bro, please do you have any link or video where I can learn logo design?

  2. much technical skill is really needed to to work in this type of the way it’s really a good company to work with

  3. Verily much technical skills is highly needed here

  4. wow that cool
    lemme go and start

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