This New Device Can Make You Enjoy Your Brushing

Do you know that brushing you teeth can now be educational and fun, all thanks to a new device that allows a toothbrush to be connected with a smartphone. The name of this new gadget is the G.U.M Play device.

The G.U.M play device is developed by a group called Sunstar Inc. The G.U.M play device is attached to the bottom of a standard toothbrush which enables user to enjoy games, news or music on their smartphone via your toothbrush movement.

The G.U.M. Play gadget is equipped with a sensor that can detect the movements and the pressure you make while brushing your teeth. The sensor connects with a smartphone with the aid of a special free app.

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One of the games makes users to defeat a monster that appears at the bottom right of the smartphone display just by  brushing the back teeth on the right side.

Sunstar developed G.U.M. Play to aid show kids and adults how to properly brush their teeth by making them carry out fun task

G.U.M Play will be launched and available on April 18. It comes with a toothbrush recommended by the Sunstar team and it’s price will be $46. So tell me what do you think, do you think that it is coming out at the right time or it looks outdated. Tell me what you think.

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