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Download YouTube Vanced APK for Android

I know most of might have never had of the famous AD Free YouTube app called YouTube Vanced. This app has been around for a long while but some of us have just been getting to know about it. I also just got to know about it some few weeks back and to be sincere, […]

Download latest GBInstagram v1.30 apk for Android

GB which are also the developers of popular GBWhatsapp has released an updated version of GBInstagram v1.30. This new version of GBInstagram comes along with very new features which will even make it more enjoyable than the real Instagram app.  With the GBInstagram, you can download and save pictures, videos, stories shared, and many more things […]

Download Latest GBWhatsApp v6.50 Apk for Android

GB has again as usual released another version of GBWhatsapp which is the GBWhatsapp v6.50. This latest GBWhatsapp version comes with lots of new features which you guys are gonna love which include new ticks, new icons, new conversation bubbles, ability to manage group admins and more. The GBWhatsapp v6.50 is now available for all users to download […]

Download Latest Lucky Patcher v7.0.9 Apk For Android

There are many apps you might have come across and downloaded, some might have been so useful and helpful while some have been totally trash. We actually all know that some apps available for download have some features restricted on the apps which means we won’t have access to those app features unless we get […]

Download Latest WhatsApp Business Apk

I heard been seeing posts and hearing a lot about this newly launched (though available for a while now) WhatsApp Business but little did I care cos I felt I won’t be needing it anytime soon. Not until I saw some friend business owners using the app and heaping lots of praise on it did […]

Latest GBWhatsapp v6.40 Apk Mod Available for Download

I don’t think I have to start explaining to us what Gbwhatsapp is as most of us even prefer making use of it o the real WhatsApp app. A new version of the popular WhatsApp Mod is now available as GBWhatsapp 6.40. This new version comes with a lot of nice and new features which […]

Telegram New Update Now Supports Multiple Accounts

This is a nice one coming from Telegram and a great one to start the year with. I see this year 2018 coming with a lot of goodies for us all. When it comes to lovely features and nice updates, I’d rate telegram higher than WhatsApp but the issue is still that telegram can never […]

Latest GBwhatsapp Version 6.10 apk download

GBWhatsapp has been around for a very long while and it has even been discovered that many even prefer using the mod version of whatsapp which is tge GBWhatsapp to the real whatsapp. The GBwhatsapp comes with a lot of features and right now there is a new version the popular gbwhatsapp which is the […]

Download Latest New Telegram v4.6 App

Telegram is one of the most used chatting apps though one still cant compare it with whatsapp. Now they have released a new version that comes with new features which is the Telegram v4.6. This new version comes with a lot of new features that lets you choose auto download options. WAT’S NEW IN TELEGRAM […]

Download GBInstagram v1.20 Latest Version Apk for Android

Whenever you guys hear the letter combination “GB“, I know that what comes to your mind is GBwhatsapp. Yes that’s true. The makers of  GBwhatsapp are here with the modded version of Instagram which is GBInstagram. On the WhatsApp platform, we all know that GBWhatsapp comes with greater and better features that have not been made available […]

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