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7 Things To Know About Blogging

Blogging is an incredible marketing tool and can even become a great source of income. You might ask, What is a blog?  A blog is an information website published on the web, mostly informal in writing of posts. If you’re blogging, you’re sharing information to a large audience. Do we now understand what blogging entails? […]

2018 SEO Tricks To Make Your Posts Rank Higher On Google.

SEO simply means “Search Engine Optimization”. I would reveal, in this post some tricks and tips that would skyrocket your blog posts to the top of Google search results. You wanna make money from blogging, the truth is that you need SEO tips that would help rank your blog posts higher. You must have noticed […]

Top 5 Ways To Find Topics For Your Blog

Every blogger runs out of topics some days. In these type of days, you look for what is trending and you cab write about but no inspiration. You try so much and hard and yet nothing. This is called “Writer’s Block”. Writer’s Block can be so annoying and frustrating. You might be looking for ideas […]

Why You Should Have A Niche Based Blog

I am pretty sure before you created your blog (if you already have one), the basic idea you had about blogging as a Nigerian was that you start posting news, music or videos and then promote your links to various social media platforms right? That is the impression people have about blogging in Nigeria after […]

Top On-Page SEO Tips and Tricks 2018

On-page SEO techniques is required for any blog that wants to rank high on search engines. If you have been ignoring on-page SEO and just focusing on off-page SEO just like I used to do, then that isn’t okay at all for your blog. We both have on-page and off-page SEO tricks but today, we’ll […]

Download SEO Backlink Tool App For SEO Backlink

You might have been searching for how to get the list of backlinks or all incoming links to the site of your blog competitors so as to be able to use them for your own blog’s SEO Backlink. Alexa has made this available but the only way you can view all your blog competitors Backlink […]

How To Change Your Blog Hyperlink Color

I was looking for various methods on how to change hyperlink color of my blog to a different color since my current blog theme did not make available that option for me to change my theme hyperlink color. As usual I didn’t stop making research online until I found a perfect solution which I’m gonna […]

How To Make Money As An Entertainment Blogger In Nigeria

One of the things Google is against is “copy and paste”. They really hate the ” copying and paste method and that is why you must original content on your blog to get approved by Google AdSense. But there are many bloggers that are making $100- $1000 per month from their entertainment blog but do […]

Best and Cheapest Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria

When it comes to getting good web hosting, we all know that none can get to compete with the likes of Namecheap, Godaddy, Hostgator and the others which are also top foreign web hosting companies. One issue we have with these foreign web hosting is making payments with our naira debit cards. Though debit cards […]

How To Add AdSense Ads in Middle of Post on Blogger

I know you’ve been searching for how to add AdSense ads in middle of your blog on blogger. I remember those days when my blog used to be on blogger/blogspot it wasn’t easy cos one had to always be working on template every now and then. I actually enjoyed using blogger but after a while, […]

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