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How To Get UK and USA AdSense Account In Nigeria

UK and USA Adsense in Nigeria — Getting AdSense approval is almost every newbie blogger’s dream but it’s also one of the hardest thing a blogger would always talk about. I know how long it took me to get AdSense approval though that was actually because of my unseriousness. Every Nigerian blogger wants to get […]

Top Countries With High Adsense CPC in 2018

When it comes to earning from your blog, Google AdSense is considered as one of the best advertising network a blogger would love to partner with. From personal experience, they’ve been great but I’d also tell you that it is not easy earning high from AdSense which involves having high AdSense CPC. Earning a huge […]

Steps To Get AdSense Approval for Your Blog

adsense approval

        Getting AdSense approval for one’s blog is one major thing every blogger, old or new wants. Even though there are other alternatives to AdSense which also pay quite well, most bloggers still prefer having the Google ads on their blogs or website. One major thing I love about AdSense regardless of […]

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