How To Choose The Best Phone Case For Your Smartphone

Earlier this month, a friend of mine texted me his phone met with disaster physically and his screen broke and looked like a map. This friend of mine had only gotten the phone late last year and less than half a year after, his phone already encountered disaster. Obviously not fully his fault. We can have that moment spontaneously if careful, or regularly if clumsy. 

Phone case for smartphone

I asked him why he did not buy a phone case and screen protector, and he apparently didn’t consider it. The morning he told me was coincidentally the day I was to buy a phone case and screen protector after shopping for school. That evening, I messaged him as he requested that morning, and told him the price I got them for. Seven hundred naira for my Polo brand, strong rubber and totally black colored phone case, and five hundred naira for a glass screen protector. His reaction? “Cheap”. “And I couldn’t buy till my screen got spoilt”. “I have learnt”.

So my query to you now is after spending quite the amount of thousands of naira on acquiring a new smartphone, why restrain in spending just a little more to ensure your phone does not get scratched or broken? 

Our smartphones do us well and serve us faithfully until that moment when they unexpectedly slip from our grasp down to the earth, or into water, or when we leave them at the mercy of inquisitive toddlers. In these cases, and without protection for our smartphones, they often meet disaster. Screen get broken. The cover gets either broken or scratched. 

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And our smartphones look ugly and unidentifiable. Rather than letting this moment happen before thinking of getting a phone case and screen protector like my friend in the first paragraph, get a phone case and screen protector now. I however will be emphasizing on choosing the best phone case for your smartphone.

 If you are a detail kind of person like I can be sometimes, then it is only natural that the first thing to do is note down while considering the kind of phone case you would love. 

The things to consider choosing the best phone case for your smartphone, according to me, should be:


Choosing the best phone case for your phone first of all requires pricing. It is important to know the price you are willing to, and ultimately able to part with a phone case. If you are a student like I am, and still very much reliant on your parents, then a cheap and attractive (what you find attractive. I find black very attractive) phone case would be best for you in order not to leave a dent in your pocket. If you are working class and can afford, and willing to get a phone case with much more attraction and quality, then you should. Just go for what you can afford.

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Phone Model

Your phone model matters a lot in choosing the best phone case for you. You should keep the model of your phone while determining which phone case will be best for you. Your phone model matters because phone cases have different structures for different phones. My phone for instance has two front speakers. It is only natural I go for the case that would leave open and accessible the speakers. Knowing the phone model to purchase a phone case is important for the precise cut outs for ports and button covers. It is advisable to take your phone though, while shopping for a phone case.


How clumsy are you? If you are very clumsy and want to be able to drop your phone with impunity or have it survive a dip, you will need some serious protection. In contrast, if you are careful, basic protection is enough for you and you don’t need to spend so much.


The features of the best phone case for your smartphone is solely your decision alone. I, for instance, love the black color as mentioned above, and also prefers a light phone case to a heavy one. Furthermore, I’m not a flashy person and I don’t see the need to get a flashy phone case. Since I love going on an all-black outfit, a black phone case for my smartphone is a complementary to my all-black outfit. I also love me a kickstand. It helps me rest my arms while reading a book or seeing a movie on my smartphone.

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What about you? What color would you prefer for your phone case? What design? What message would you love to pass out (I am very busy inscribed on your phone case)? You might want to distinguish your phone if you are using the same phone with your friend or a member of your family. A phone case will distinguish it. 

This is where I end and I hope you go out there and get a phone case to protect your phone, distinguish it, and make it more beautiful.

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  1. The moment I buy a phone I also buy a screen guard along with it. I don’t like touching the screen without screen guard but I can do without the body case.

    1. Same here, can’t remember when last I made use of one

  2. No processes na, just buy your phone the look for a matching case and that’s it.

  3. currently using black cover case with d design of Gucci

  4. even me too, when ever I buy a phone, I always buy the screen guard, anti break and even the jacket of it ,so as not to regret buying it when damaged

  5. usefull article,from this post I find out phone case Is very important to a device,going to find the one that best matches my device.

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