Free Airtime Giveaway to Top Commenter for March 2018

Hello Gurus, happy new month to you all and welcome to the month of April. We hope to have a very great month ahead.

It’s time to appreciate those who have been consistent in checking out our blog updates daily and following this blog. 

As we’ve always been doing on this blog since it’s lunching we reward our top commentators on this blog monthly. The month of March came to an end two days ago and we have compiled the list of our top three commentators who have been fully active in terms of commenting on the blog.

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Some commentators on this blog have made spamming their hobby by dropping irrelevant comments on this blog even going to the extent of spamming very very old posts. We have rules in place and will always keep to them. It’s not just about the number of comments but also the quality of your comments. We’ve also warned about double comment which PRINCE and FLOWVICK are guilty of and if you guys continue this way, you’ll never be considered for the free airtime giveaway.

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If you find your name on the list, drop your phone number using the comment section to receive your free airtime reward.

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ALSO READ:  Free Airtime Giveaway to Top Commentators for for April 2018
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  1. My dear i’ve never double comment befor and i would not do it but since you feel like not puting my name no problem but i’m sad.

  2. Compliments of the season to you admin.
    So happy to be among the winners once again.

    0 7 .0 .8 1 .4 .5 4 •7 3 1 Airtel

    1. Your airtime has been sent

      1. Thank you so much Chinweizu.
        Your efforts shall take you to great, great heights.

  3. I think i would leave ur blog ok. Bad bye….

  4. Which of your did i double comments on bring it let us see it here. I mean you should post the link here if you’re sure of what you said and since you saw my double comments why you didn’t tell/correct me at that monent?

  5. OKAFOR DANIEL UGOCHUKWU is my name not Hassan.
    Chinweizu you are the owner/CEO of this blog and Ehis called me switche, Terrible thief and you do noting about me.

    1. Okafor Daniel, we’re so sorry about that. I know you’re not a thief but what I meant by double comment was having to comment over and over on a particular post just to increase comments. I totally have nothing against you bro

      1. double comments is 2 or more comments in a single post. If double comments then post the link here nah to be sure if not i would have problem with you.

          1. @admin be very watchful of ehis using kunle,yusuf and his name ehis.

      2. and that how he usually claim airtime on xclusivetek

    2. I sincerely apologize for that bro, your writing style and multiple comments on a post is very similar to how Hassan behaves, which made me think so. Really sorry about the mixup.

      1. and what happen that you guys made mention of my name

  6. Hello gurusbasics

    We have gotten some information about your beloved blog and we want to make sure you are aware.

    We want you to stop posting of free browsing cheats in Nigeria. This is illegal and causes great loss on these Isps.

    This is a warning to you and your blog.

    Failure to abide by this will result in a DDOS Attack on your blog and release of confidential information about you to the Anonymous darkweb database.






  7. Thanks admin,really appreciate ur effort,
    08167985067 Mtn,congrat to ehis and co. And prince don’t worry much here is another new month to correct your mistake

    1. Congrats, your airtime has been sent

  8. Thanks and happy Easter.

    My num is..0 90267974 49.

    1. Your airtime has been sent

      1. Thanks a bunches bro.

  9. Thanks a bunches bro.

  10. gonna start commenting to be among this month list

  11. Wish I could be among next month top commentators list

  12. You guys are really doing a marvellous job keep it. I represent

  13. Am sorry for d double comment
    I was more than shocked when I didn’t find my name on d list well it gone sha

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