5 foosball games for Android devices

Foosball is one of the rare table games with so many applications for Android devices.The amount of them is through the roof and to save you all time, I have tested each and every one of them, until I have found 5 best foosball games for Android. So, no matter if you are a rookie or advanced fooser, if you want to play tournament or battle, this list has every option and I am pretty sure you will find what you are looking for.

1.     Foosball Cup World by Ludus Studio

Ludus Studio really did an awesome job developing this foosball game.  The moment you start the game you will have a feeling like you are playing Premier League Football game. On the main menu, you can choose one out of 51 national teams as your team. Who knows, maybe they have your country on the list. At first you can only play Quick Match and Challenges and the more you win the more features you can unlock. From the beginning, you can choose the table size and after a while, you will be able to choose the table style, the ball, and the players.

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2.     Foosball Cup by Ludus Studio

People in Ludus Studio really know what they are doing because they made another foosball app and it is on the 2nd place of my list.  The design of the app is not as good as the Foosball Cup World, but this app has some advantages on its own. For example, you don’t have to win matches to get every option in the app. From the main menu, you can create your own match, the way you like it.  You can choose the game mode, the table size and player layout and the difficulty. There is one option you need to pay and that is the Hot Seat game mode. I think that the app is quite good without it too.

3.     Foosball by White Collar Games

The Foosball by White Collar Games looks like a game made for kids. You can choose the game mode, the difficulty level, the table formation and even the duration of the game. There are no national team colors on this app, so the players will be plain red/blue/green or yellow. You don’t have to spin the rods, it is enough to touch the ball with the player to hit it so the ball control is extremely easy. Great application for rookies, not so fun for more experienced players.

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4.     Foosball by NAVU App

This app is made on the same principle as the Foosball from White Collar Games. It is more like a fun application for rookies or hobby players than for the more advanced players. The downside of this application is the lack of options. You can choose the battle or the tournament and nothing else. Also, you control the players with arrows which is kind of strange because you should be moving rods not arrows.

5.     Foosball World Cup by MonteroBros

The game is not the best quality and that is why it is on the last place of my list. When you start it, you can choose the difficulty and game mode. For the game mode, you can choose from World Cup and Single Match. Another thing, the last thing you can choose is the team, one out of 12 national teams. The field and the players are extremely simple and the ball is extremely fast. The game doesn’t have that foosball vibe and it has an insane amount of adds.

Author’s bio:

Mark is a professional table soccer player who loves foosball and loves to write about foosball. He has a blog called the FoosballZone where he reviews foosball tables and table parts. He is focusing on high-end tables which can be a tournament and home materials like the Tornado foosball table.

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