5 Apps That Drain Your Smartphone Battery

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The importance of having sufficient​ battery power in any smartphone nowadays cannot be overstated. We, as humans, have become our smartphone. We own it. We breathe it. We live it. This addiction to our smartphones have made the battery one of the most important component in a smartphone.

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My point is, the level of smartphone usage of the average human per day requires more battery power. More than smartphone manufacturers embed in devices. We text, tweet, update our social media platforms, share images, videos, download files, GPS, alarm, surf the internet, watch movies, read books and many more.

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Normally, certain smartphones are built and designed to last for long periods. But somehow, the opposite happens. An example is a scenario where a smartphone manufacturer claims the 4000mAh battery on a particular device can give about 48hours of usage but ends up lasting for 10hours.

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However, what most smartphone users haven’t really taken their time to ask is “what could be the cause of this?” Do they have a faulty battery? Or worst case, a faulty device.

While the above suggestions are possible reasons why your smartphone battery drains quickly, there are certain battery draining apps that can shortchange your battery’s longevity. See them below.

Top 5 battery draining apps

1. Facebook

One of the app that drains your smartphone battery the most is Facebook. Facebook drains so much battery that about 5 minutes on your Facebook timeline could cause a 10-20% drain in battery level.

2. SnapChat

SnapChat​ is fun, no doubts. The image sharing, video streaming and updates are things majority of youths​, even adults, now live for. Sadly, this app drains a lot of battery juice. Not only battery power, it also drain storage too, as it downloads all the video and image update on your Snap into some hidden folders.

3. Facebook Messenger

While Facebook drains a lot of battery, its ally, Facebook Messenger also follows in the same footstep. The constant notification updates​ and prompts are one of those things that makes the messenger a battery drainer.

4. Google​ Maps

Google Maps has saved lives. In fact, the number of missing persons cases wouldn’t have reach the uncountable height if not for this wonderful app. Sadly, as useful as this app is, it does quite some havoc to your smartphone battery. The app uses your device’s GPS/location feature and it takes quite some battery juice.

5. Netflix

This app, just like SnapChat, has quickly evolved to be one of the most used app. Netflix​ fills that void of both momentary and ceaseless boredom. But there’s a “but”. The constant streaming of your movie or series not just only zap data/internet, it drains your battery as quickly as possible too.

Source: techlector.com

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