Why You Should Have A Niche Based Blog

I am pretty sure before you created your blog (if you already have one), the basic idea you had about blogging as a Nigerian was that you start posting news, music or videos and then promote your links to various social media platforms right? That is the impression people have about blogging in Nigeria after hearing about Linda Ikeji’s success. Wake up!!! That is not what blogging means.

Blogging means writing about what you love. Trust me, writing news and having a general niche will only hurt you as a blogger. Your readers would get confused and would not be loyal because you can get news from virtually anywhere. This is where creating a niche site comes into play.

When you have a niche based blog, as your readers increase, so will your revenue and then your blog becomes your business.

Why You Should Open A Niche Based Blog

Here are four (4) reasons why you should create a niche based blog or turn your blog to a niche based blog:

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• It gives your readers an idea on what your blog is all about. You can’t expect me to come to a blog whereby I see articles on health, entertainment, politics and marine and expect me to call it a political or entertainment blog. At that moment, I am confused over what type of blog it is.

• Those who read your blog become loyal. If you have a niche based blog. More than half of those who come to your blog would become loyal to your blog depending on the type of articles you push out.

• You can easily succeed in affiliate marketing. Many “big blogs” most especially those that are from the US or UK do not need Google AdSense to make so much from their blog. They make use of their readers and market other companies product. They would rake in better profits than those “confused blogs”.

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• Direct Advertisements from companies in your niche. For example, if you have a health blog. If you keep growing your blog and it reaches a very high level whereby you are getting close to a hundred thousand visits per day. Big companies in the health industry would approach you to place advertisements on your blog.

Thus, you should stop your “nonprofitable confused blog” if you already have one and start a niche blog. It would hard when you first start but with time things would surely improve.

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Updated: April 15, 2018 — 1:20 am


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  1. But Linda Ikeji’s model is still working like a charm. If you check around you’ll see that most of the top blogs are news based like Linda. It really works.

  2. Good and helpful tips bro,and this is only going to work if you have a regular readers on your blog

  3. I agree, focusing on a single niche is the best way to blog cause it would enable you to more quality articles relating to the niche.

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