2018 SEO Tricks To Make Your Posts Rank Higher On Google.

SEO simply means “Search Engine Optimization”. I would reveal, in this post some tricks and tips that would skyrocket your blog posts to the top of Google search results.

You wanna make money from blogging, the truth is that you need SEO tips that would help rank your blog posts higher.

You must have noticed that Google has removed “Pagination” and introduced “Infinity Scroll”. Thus, you need to make sure your posts rank higher. If you follow the following tips, then you are good to go.

5 SEO Tricks That Would Make Your Posts Rank Higher On Google

1. High Quality Content:

You must make sure that whatever you post on your blog are of high quality. Remember you are competing against millions of blogs in this world for Google’s top spot. So you must have an edge over them by having series of high quality posts.

2. Backlinks:

Do you ever wonder why you don’t rank above some blogs no matter whatever you do. It could probably because you don’t have enough backlinks. Backlinks are links to your blog which could be referred to by another blog. Ways you can get backlinks from other blogs include; Guest Posting and commenting. The easiest is by commenting. You get the code and drop your link. Make sure you get backlinks from sites with high Google page rank or try as much as possible to get from domains with a .edu or .gov. It would shoot your blog higher.

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3. SEO Friendly And Responsive Theme:

You should make sure that the type of theme your blog is using is actually SEO friendly and responsive. This would help your blog rank higher. Google loves blogs with SEO friendly themes. Stop changing your themes anyhow and get one which you can settle with. If you keep changing your theme. This would affect your ranking negatively.

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4. Make Use Of SSL Certificate:

In recent times, thus has proven to be one of Google’s new way of ranking blogs. They are taking “users experience” first into consideration and give higher rankings to sites with “HTTPS” over sites with “HTTP”. This is because Google is taking is using security as a factor for rankings. You would not like it, if the site you are browsing is not secured. As a blogger, I would advise you to get a SSL certificate. Luckily, for those using the blogger platform, it is free.

5. Use Of A Good Hosting:

If you are using other platforms apart from blogger, you would be required to buy a hosting plan. You would host your blog there. Make sure you buy your hosting from a trusted and reliable web host. Do not settle for too “cheap” hosting plans. This would only hurt your blog and there is no way certainly that you would rank so high on Google.

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Follow these five (5) tips and you are good to go.

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  1. These are same tips I have seen bfore, I think the key thing is just to remain consistent. If every other blogger is apllying the same rule then how can one overtake the othe.?

    1. they can overtake the other by the way each of them uses theirs

  2. This is a good and helpfull tips bro I know every blogger will now be applying it and which going to lead to competition because everyone want he or her post to be at the top

  3. Nice and helpful tips bro, but blogging is no longer as simple as it used to be.

  4. Thanks for the tutorial bro, but seriously seo topics can be tiering.

  5. in d spirit of competition u come up with new ideas it not a most to follow up what he has written up there

  6. nice write up admin am going to follow due steps and try mine asap

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