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How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages on Your Phone

Some time last month, WhatsApp introduced a feature on their app which allowed users to ‘delete sent messages for everyone’. This means that if you had sent a WhatsApp message mistakenly, you could prevent everyone from viewing the message by deting it from your own end.

But a new report from a Spanish blog claims that deleted WhatsApp messages can still be viewed and are still very much available for recipients to view them.

Through this post, I’d show you guys how to view deleted WhatsApp messages on your various devices, just tag along.

How to Access Deleted WhatsApp Messages

Method ONE:

The trick currently only works on Android 7.0.  

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Firstly, users can create a home screen Settingswidget: 

1) Press and hold home screen

2) Press widgets icon

3) Scroll down to Settings

4) Drag and drop onto home screen

5) Click on widget

6) Scroll down and click on the notificationlog 

8) Click on the message you want to see

Method TWO:

1. Download notification history from appstore here

2. Search the message in the Android notificationlog.

However, the first 100 characters of the messagewill appear in the line starting with ‘android.text.’ 

Users will only be able to view the first 100characters of deleted messages, and the notification log will clear every fewhours, or any time the device is restarted.

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Image Credit: Dailymail.co.uk


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