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How To Increase Your Laptop’s Processor Speed (GHz)

Hey guys, it’s time to teach you guys some basics of your laptops. Today, we’d be teaching you guys how to increase the processor speed (GHz) of your laptop without stress. Just imagine increasing your laptops processor speed from 1.4GHz to 2.0GHz, cool isn’t it?.

To increase your laptop’s GHz speed, all you have to do is for you to just follow the steps I’m gonna list below:

✔️ Click on Start

✔️ Find RUN

✔️ Type in regedit


✔️ Next after that you should see HARDWARE and then DESCRIPTION
✔️ Now click on SYSYTEM

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✔️ Now

✔️ You will see Processor Name String, open it

✔️ Next type the amount of GHz speed you want to laptop to have, it shouldn’t be more than 5.00GHz

✔️ Close registry editor and you’d find out that your laptops GHz speed has been increased.

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