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How To Buy Swisscoin on CoinExchange

Swisscoin is also a cryptocurrency which is also in use by many people worldwide. It is still considered as a top alternative to Bitcoin though it’s rate is still low compared to that of bitcoin but it’s expected that the value will rise anytime soon.

Through this post, I’d be showing you guys how to buy Swiss coins on coinexchange without stress.


1. Log in to exchange.

2. Go to menu and click on ‘balances’.

3. Scroll to BTC (that’s the first in the row)

4. Click on activity of the BTC (the ‘activity’ is written with green color)

5. A drop down menu opens. Click on ‘deposit BTC’

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6. Another page opens, click on generate wallet address.
You’ll then see the address or QR code.

7. Copy the address and paste on your bitcoin wallet address to send bitcoin ( or scan the QR code to send bitcoin to)

8. After sending the desired amount of Bitcoin, wait for it to be cleared then go to ‘market‘ at the drop down menu of the exchange.

9. Click on SIC/BTC. You’ll see ‘BUY SIC‘ and ‘SELL SIC’. you then put the amount of SIC you want to buy or sell, the price you want to buy/sell it.

10. Then click on the BUY SIC button to confirm. (The exchange will calculate to know whether you have sufficient balance for the transaction and will let you know).

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