Top 20 List Of Free High PR Ping Sites

What is Pinging? 

In blogging, a ping is an XML-RPC-based push mechanism by which a weblog notifies a server that its content has been updated. That is an XML-RPC signal is sent from the weblog to one or more “Ping Server(s)” (controlled by the weblog) to notify a list of their “Services” of new content on the weblog. (Wikipedia).

Top 20 List Of Free High PR Ping Sites  2016

Ping is a just like a signal sent vise versa from one blog to another blog. In short, pinging alerts search engines, blogging directories, feeds of your newly published activities on your blog so they can index it

How Can Pinging Help My Blog? 

Getting traffic has been one is the first priority of every blogger, which is impossible without your blog being exposed to the world. There are many articles on the web saying write unique contents and receive huge traffic, it’s true but what if you unique contents are not visible to search engines? Therefore not showing to readers that may be interested in what you are writing.  This is where pinging comes in, pinging is the fastest way to index and crawl your blog, posts and pages. With blogger pinging you can quickly notify variousSearch engines and RSS Directories of your newly published posts or your newly created blog.

Why do I Need to Ping My Site? 

Is your blog receiving low traffic? Do you rank low in search appearance?  Do you want more traffic? If yes to all these questions, then you need to ping your site. Doing this will increase the rate at which your content is indexed, improve your blog’s visibility and also drive huge organic traffic to your blog from search engines. Getting on of the top 10 spot in search results is not an easy task, pinging your blog will increase your chances of getting there.

How Can I Ping My Site?

Pinging a blog/website is very easy as it does not require any special skills or coding knowledge, you just need to provide some details of your blog like site URL, keywords, title, category, niche etc. After filling the form, just click submit and the ping tool will submit your website/blog URL to various search engines and feed directories.  There are multiple pinging site on the web but many are not as good as we want them to be, so I decided to gather the list of top 20 free High PR Ping sites. I strongly recommend you try out one or two sites out from this list, they are working and they give genuine results.
Important Notice

Do not use more than one or two out of these sites. Using many or all may be considered as spam by Google and you can be penalized. 

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Top 20 List of Free High PR Ping Sites

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