Things That Could Go Wrong With Cars -2017 And Beyond

Cars of the future are already here without a doubt.We already have completely autonomous cars,semi -autonomous cars and funny enough flying cars(mostly prototypes) .The question on everyones mind is : What could possibly go wrong ? ,what could cause confusions ?.


There is really no debate about this , there is sure going to be a lot of hacking in cars in the coming year.Most car manufacturers are starting to build self-driving cars which are fully controlled by software.As a programmer I have a rule I keep in mind always “whatever can be built by man can be infiltrated by another man,no system is completely guarded”.


There is going to be a whole lot of problem with the law.For example when a driverless car violates a traffic rule .Who would be blamed or prosecuted ,the car maker or the car user , or the car ? . I hope provisions are being made to handle such cases.


Cars with such awesome technology are still evolving and getting better,so there are quite a limited number of people with adequate technical know-how to fix such cars .Especially in Nigeria where most of the mechanics lack the full technical know-how and appropriate equipment to diagnose and fix.


Yup !, another problem.What happens in the event of an impending accident.What decision does the car take , does it decide to drive into a wall or a pole .What if there is no wall but a river ,does it decide to take the risk of killing the occupant and saving the life of a crowd of people its about to drive into,or does it decide to save the occupant and kill innocent people.Confusion everywhere 


What happens when a traffic light goes off ?.Latest autonomous and semi-autonomous cars depends on traffic lights using sensors to know when to stop and move at junctions .So imagine a traffic light goes off due to a malfunction ……the disaster…… which could be easily averted when a human is driving …..

Have an idea of what could possibly go wrong with latest cars.Kindly comment.
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