MTN’s Xtra-byte first on Grid Data Manager’s platform

The MTN’s “xtra-byte” and the Glo’s “Borrow-me-data” was first on the Grid Data Manager’s platform as Borrow-me-Data. After the development of Grid Data Manager, the co-founders of Grid Data Manager, Omale Emmanuel, Ajibola Ahmed, Ifeanyi Victor, Nelson Onyenobi and Hassan Olawale tried partnering with the telecoms in Nigeria to drive the borrow-me-data feature but they didn’t reach an agreement with them as the telecoms fear that the core features of Grid Data Manager (data control, app-by-app set data limit and data statistics)  will affect the sales of mobile data as the aim of Grid Data Manger is to give users control over their mobile data, do more with their mobile data, prioritize their applications and ultimately save money on the monthly purchase of mobile data. 

After the deployment of the first version of Grid Data Manager on Google play store on 12th of October 2016, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Grid Data Manager, Omale Emmanuel, discovered that the Borrow-me-Data feature has been launched by MTN as “Xtra-byte” and Glo as “Borrow-me-data”, he advised the team to remove it from Grid’s platform since they have not signed a partnership deal with the telecoms to drive it.  They had to deploy a second version of Grid Data Manager on 5th of November 2016 without the Borrow-me-Data feature download link: .

Grid Data Manager is a mobile data management application focused on giving users control over their mobile data, making users efficiently use their mobile data, helping user do more with their mobile data, cut-out unwanted background operations, prioritize their apps and save data subscription cost. The application is aimed at helping users reduce the amount they spend on data bundle monthly while they do more with mobile data. 

Before we developed the application, we carried out a market research on how mobile data is managed on android and apple devices generally and we discovered that a large percentage of Nigerians manage their mobile data by putting off their mobile data when not in use. 

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Over the years, this has proven to be ineffective but with Grid Data Manager, users don’t need to put off their mobile data, just control the applications that access your mobile data by activating and deactivating them. 

We know that in the android settings, users can set data limit for mobile data but in Grid Data Manager, users can set data limit for the apps allowed to access the mobile data individually. With this, limit is set for applications individually giving flexibility to internet usage.  

Considering the recent increase in mobile data tariff proposed by NCC, it is recommended that Nigerians download this app (Grid Data Manager) download link:  Protect yourself, be in control of your mobile data and save some cash on subscription by using Grid Data Manager. 

The young programmers are still open to partnership with the Telecoms in Africa to learn how to make their subscribers happier and more effective.. 

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