Make 32 BITCOINS with GUPTAS bitcoins miner

 ATTENTION ATTENTION ATTENTION. Hustlers  as little as R300  you can
make a million in 1 month as a team.Guys we can make it with unity and
we aware that not everyone is into bitcoins but we ar willing to
educate you.

One-time fee of 0.03 BTC + 2 referrals.
This is going to be HUGE.  bitcoins

Level 1 – 2 Downlines x 0.03 (R300)=0.06 btc  (R600).  Profit R10
Level 2 – 4 Downlines x 0.05 (R500)=0.20 btc (R2000). Profit (R1000).
Level 3- 8 Downlines x 0.10(R1000)=0.80 btc (R8000). profit R6000
Level 4 – 16 Downlines x 0.20 (R2000)=3.20 btc (R32000) Profit R22000
Level 5 – 32 Downlines x 1.0 (R10000)=32btc (R3200) Profit R300000.
                                    Level 6- 64 Downlines x 2.0
(R20000)128 btc (R1.28million)profit R1.28million
ONE time fee of 0.03 BTC ($20 USD)  Bitcoin to us dollar
Automatic confirmation. 

Potential to earn about 128 BTC  (R1.28million straight to your Bitcoin wallet)
This is going to be HUGE.

Profit with 2people=R100
Profit with 4people =R1000
Profit with 8people = R6000
Profit with 16people =R22000
Profit with 32people =R300000
Profit with 64people = R1million
  please don’t stress about Bitcoins we will help you
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Updated: November 7, 2016 — 6:04 am

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  1. Nice one bro what is the start-up capital in naira ?

    From : Jboytech

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