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                 The financial market is composed of a number of financial institutions that perform a variety of functions. In most context, financial institutions can be considered synonymous with financial intermediaries in the financial market. In simple terms, financial intermediaries are financial institutions that pool resources and channel funds from savers/lenders to spenders/borrowers.
        Mavrodi Mondial Movement (MMM), is such an institution established by Mavrodi Sergey a couple of years back, a man who has great interest in people’s financial well being. MMM operates using same financial principles as banks and other financial bodies, only that it doesn’t transfer money from savers/lenders to spenders/borrowers but from “Helpers” to “Needers”. And this simple idea makes it very different and ahead of other financial institutions. In addition, this is a non-profit making organization whose goal is to destroy the world’s unfair financial system.
        By and large, MMM is not just a financial institution but a mutual benefiting establishment that uses financial policies to achieve its goal of HELP by providing;
*** A selfless financial freedom for its members by ensuring 30%
        increase of the amount one used in providing help per month
        with other amazing benefits like; 10% referrer bonus and
*** MMM pays more than one’s job by creating a platform to
  increase ones money by 30% at no cost. As one’s job only pays
      10% of the money input one makes with labour intensive.
*** MMM liberates its members from enslavement by other
  Pecuniary institution such as banks, that uses one’s money for
  business and gain a lot, only to give you 0.6% or at most 1% of
  Its total gain and wait at the end of every single month to ded-
      uct certain percentages called “bank charges”.
*** MMM is the “Financial Gospel” of the world’s financial
      Predicament. It also goes as far as helping the less privilege,
      therefore, making philanthropists out of its members.
*** MMM operates as a community on one’s finger tips making
      everything about it easier and within one’s reach.
*** Here in MMM, one has got its numerous members about
  200 million around the world “working” just for you, making it
      “An all for one and one for all institution”.
***  MMM is its members as its members is MMM.  Looking into
       MMM closely, it isn’t just money orientated but
   teaches selflessness as this community put its members first.  
***  It also provides a low risk platform to invest because its
       strength lies greatly on its members. So as its members
   increases the stronger it becomes exponentially according to
       pascal’s triangle. But this increase in participants could lead
   to “financial traffic” or multiple cracks in other financial syst-
   ems. Furthermore, government policies which may randomize
       other systems has little or no effect on MMM because
       the federals doesn’t control its dealings but its members does
       that. Finally, it doesn’t centralize its funds into a single account
       but keeps it within it members, ensuring uniformity in funds
       transfer within the system.
Join MMM today where Everybody is Somebody and every penny is valued!

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