How To Speed Up Your Android Phone

Nowadays, Android smartphones provide a good  amount of RAM to hold memory intensive Apps and games.

A memory cleaning operation  run in the background whenever we use our phones on this memory intensive apps and games. But most Android phones begin this memory cleaning  operation when the memory is half full. Technically, we are not using our RAM to it fullest and at the same time this memory cleaning operation sometime makes our phone to lagging behind.

In this Tutorial, you are going to learn how and when to allow your Android phone to start this memory cleaning operation. Thus, speeding up your Android phone as fast as Eagle.

What you should know about swapping

Swapping is the type of memory cleaning operation that is perform on Android phone. Swapping as the name implies swaps the apps information on your phone  to the RAM to a portion that is designated for virtual memory. This operation only triggered when it has reaches a designated value. This operation is slow and sometimes makes our device laggy.for example if your Android phone swappiness value is at 60,the swapping of RAM will be triggered when is half-full

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How to reduce swappiness value

Swappiness value can be reduce by adjusting the value in init.d script.for those that has the knowledge of init.d script in Android.

What if you don’t have the knowledge of init.d script in Android ,dont worry this small but powerful app called speed up swap can help us to do it automatically.



How to get this App

==Download and install from here now

==select how you want your phone to perform. At very slow the swappiness value is 60. At slow the swappiness value is 40. At fast, the swappiness value is 20 and at very fast,the swappinese value is 0. I recommend you stay at slow but when you need to do heavy multitask you can switch to fast.

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==After selecting your desire value,hit done and reboot your phone. You will experience a speed up after the reboot.


This app speed up your phone and let you to enjoy your phone  memory to it fullest. But you will experience a little drain of battery. Because the more memory in use, the more

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Updated: August 1, 2016 — 6:21 am

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