11 Best Samsung Phones In 2017

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If you are looking for the top 10 best Samsung mobile phones in 2017, in this post, I am going to show you the list, starting from the new Samsung Galaxy S8.

 Samsung devices are one of the most widely used device in the world, reasons is because of there unique quality and durability, every year the company release latest flagship of it phones, with improvements in quality.

 Below , I have taken time to list out the best Samsung phones with 4G network in 2017.

1. Galaxy S8/S8+

   The Galaxy S8 and S8+ comes with a Stunning end to end screen that stretch to both sides of the phone, no bumps, no angles. It comes with a aluminum shell that aligns with its pure, pristine and uninterrupted glass, which stretch to both angles of the phone. The phone comes 8mp front camera which makes your selfies pictures to be bright and clear at night,  similarly the rear  camera of 12mp  makes your pictures to be bright.

Other features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + are:

– Iris Scanner

– Water Resistant

– Bixby a personal assistant.

– wireless charging.

– Dual Sim.

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2. Galaxy A5 (2017)

  Galaxy A5 comes with a front and rear camera of 16mp designed for the limelight, with screen size of 5.2 inches.
 With its IP68 ratings, the phone is dust and resistant which means no dust or foreign object can penetrate into the phone and stay in the water for up to 30minutes, also comes with metal frame with zero protrusion, 3D curved glass. It has 2 slot sim and 1 expandable memory card of 256GB.

 Other A5 features are :

– 1.9 GHz CPU speed

– 3000 mAh standard capacity.

– Ram Size is 3GB.

– Super Amoled technology.

– 4G LTE network.

– Finger print scanner.

3. Galaxy A7 (2017)

  The Galaxy A7 has similar features with the A5, the only difference is that the A7 comes with a battery capacity of 3600mAh , and screen size of 5.7 inches. Also with “Samsung pay” ,which enables you to shop online.

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4. Galaxy J7 Prime.

   Galaxy J7 prime comes with ultra slim design that fits into your hands. it also comes with 3GB ram , octa-core CPU speed of 1.9GHz , 3300mAh is the battery capacity of J7 prime, it features an F1.9 lens number, which allows you to capture bright images in low light.

Other features include:

– Dual Sim with memory card slot

– Screen size is 5.5 inches.

– 16GB rom

– Comes with available memory of 10.3GB

– 4G LTE.

– 8mp front camera

– Finger print scanner.

5. Galaxy S7

  Before the coming of S8 the galaxy S7 has been dominating the market since early 2016. The galaxy S7 comes with a second variant named Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. S7 and S7 edge comes with a powerful hardware that makes them to run faster with a bigger battery of 3600mAh , they both have dust and water resistant feature, so you don’t have to worry if your phone falls into the water.

other specifications of Galaxy S7 includes :

– CPU speed of 2.3GHz to 1.6GHz.

– Octa Core is the CPU type.

– Main camera dual pixel 12mp

– Screen Size is 5.1 inches.

– Ram size is 3GB and Rom Size is 32GB.

– Front Camera is 5.1 mp with f number f/1.7.

– The network bearers are 2G/3G/4G LTE.

– Wireless charging and finger print scanner.

7. Galaxy Note5 (dual sim).

  The special thing about this phone is that, it comes with a S-pen,  this enables you to write on your Note5 screen without you typing. The phone is not left out of Samsung devices wireless charging features as it also comes with one. Quad HD display is another thing that you can’t resist to see on the phone with UHD video recording.
Some features Galaxy Note5 includes :

– 4GB Ram and 64GB ROM

– Main camera 16MP , front camera 5.1MP.

– CPU speed of 2.1GHz , 1.5GHz.

– Available memory 54GB.

– CPU type Octa-core

– Dual sim with 2G/3G/4G LTE .

8. Galaxy J5

   The galaxy J5 is a small Android phone with 5inches screen size, it has  powerful features that will blow your mind, imagine 13mp rear camera , 5mp front camera with data savings feature, this phone is good for those that don’t like holding big screen android phones like the galaxy S5.

 Other specs of Galaxy J5 includes:

– RAM size is 1.5GB

– ROM size is 8GB

– Micro SD expandable to 124GB

– Support 4G LTE network

– 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU

– Battery capacity is 2600mAh.

– HD display.

9. Galaxy J2 Ace

   Are you a selfie freak ? The J2 Ace comes with a front flash camera, which you can use to take selfie in lowlight condition. With ultra HD display you can enjoy your movies at 4G speed, multitasking is a easy thing with this phone because of it quad-core processor, 1.5GB RAM and Turbo speed technology.

Other Specifications of Galaxy J2 Ace :

– 1.4GHz CPU speed

– ROM size is 8GB

– Dual Sim

– Main camera 8MP

– Front camera 5MP

– 2600 mAh battery capacity.

10. Galaxy J5 With S Bike Mode.

     S Bike Mode of Galaxy J5 helps you inform the caller that you are riding a bike, which is incredible. Further more the J5 is manufactured with  stunning design such as Diamond cut finish, brushed metal back, Premium metal look. Saving 4G data is a easy thing with this phone, as it can save of upto 50%.

Other Specifications of Galaxy J5 (2016):

– Bright 13 MP rear camera

– 5MP front camera

– HD display

– HD video recording

– 3100 mAh battery

– Android 6.0 marshmallow.

– 1.2 GHz CPU speed

– Screen size of 5.2 inches

– Quad-core

– 2GB of RAM and 16GB ROM.

– Support 4G Lte

11. Galaxy C7 Pro.

   C7 Pro is a slim 7mm and powerful device with a stunning 2.5D glass and full metallic body. Multitasking is a cool thing with C7 pro as it comes with 4GB RAM, it has a whooping 64GB internal memory expandable to 256GB, the camera for C7 Pro are 16MP for both front and rear camera with flash light.

Other Specification of C7 Pro Includes:

– 3300 mAh battery capacity.

– CPU speed 2.2GHz.

– Screen Size 5.7 inches.

– Octa-core CPU type.

– RAM size 4GB , ROM 64GB.

– 4G network supported with dual sim.

– Finger print scanner.

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