10 Best Shooter Games for Android Smartphone

1.  Sniper 3D Assassin: Shoot to Kill

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Sniper 3D Assassin  is a shooter game that can be played alone. In principle, this game is like a  game deer hunter , only the target is a criminal or a terrorist. In this game we will be given a weapon that we can choose and improve as needed. Although most of the weapons are served  paid , this game still  offers  free weapons that we can improve to completion.

2.  Clear Vision 3: Sniper Shooter

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Just like the 3D Sniper game, this game is also a shooter game to kill enemies  using sniper weapons . The difference is given in the graphics of this game is  very minimalist , suitable for Android devices that do not have a  high specification . The characters in the game are also not too prominent. The missions are relatively unique and weapons are still simple, but still can be tailored to the needs.

3.  Gun Club 3

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Game  Gun Club 3  provides a variety  of modern weapons  that can be collected, upgraded, then we use as needed. There are various weapons such as  Beretta M9  to AWP sniper rifles   we can get here. In this game does not highlight  gameplay  like shooter game in general. The plot of the game is more like a shooting simulation that focuses on range of fire and accuracy.
There are many  missions and scenarios  we can play. So guaranteed Gun Club 3 will provide  a  fun gaming experience.

4.  Deer Hunter 2017

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Deer Hunter 2017  is a shooter game that focuses on hunting missions. In this game we will  play a role as a hunter who must complete the mission and collect the head of game. Game results, speed, and accuracy will add bonus points that we can accumulate to buy and improve hunting equipment.
There are also other missions besides hunting that we can play. So playing the game Deer Hunter 2017  will not make us bored  with the flow of a monotonous game.

5.  Pixel Gun 3D

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For you Minecraft fans  , definitely will not be unfamiliar with the look of the game  Pixel Gun 3D . In this game, graphical displays and all objects such as characters, ghosts, zombies, Skeletons, and others are designed in such a way as Minecraft.
The difference between this game and Minecraft is  in the flow of the game . In Pixel Gun 3D, the goal is to  kill all monsters  as much as possible.

6.  NOVA 3: Freedom Edition

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For sci-fi fans   based on  action-adventure ,  do not miss  this one game. The game that carries  the thrilling action , modern futuristic weapons, and unique strengths, guaranteed all this game excitement worth juxtaposed with PC games that are generally made for  gaming consoles with large screens . However, do not worry, this game is very suitable to be played on mobile devices  .

7.  Dead Effect

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How does it feel when you wake up alone  in  a dark and lonely spaceship , no friends at all, then suddenly zombies running wildly chasing you? This is what you will get when playing  Dead Effect . Basically, this game takes a background like an Alien movie  , but the aliens here are replaced with zombies.
Do not worry about the difficulty of this game. We can  recharge our lives  by standing on a  medical pod  that has been provided so that the exciting gameplay  can still continue  until it’s done.

8.  Fields of Battle

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Fields of Battle  is a great game to play if you do  not like  shooter game that smells horrible and full of blood. This game is designed so players of all ages  can play it . The trick is to change the weapon using  paintball . Bullets were replaced with  catballs , and blood also  used paint , so this game looks unique.
Even so, do not think that this game is very easy to play. To win this game, depends on  how accurate the long-range shot  and solid team strategy.

9.  Overkill: Survival

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This game is very suitable to play if you like the  simplicity and ease of the game . When playing we just have to focus on the gun or weapon, keeping the character  ready  when the enemy head comes out of hiding to get ready to shoot. To be honest, this game is more like a  classic arcade game  , but still challenging to play at this time.

10.  Blitz Brigade

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Blitz Brigade  is an FPS-based game that is fun and can be played by many people  online . Players can join the match with a  maximum of 6 people , depending on the map.
In total there are  5 characters  that we can open and there are a lot of weapons that  can be purchased and obtained when win the game or complete a particular mission.
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  1. Nice list here I have not played any of them yet

  2. Shooter games are simply the best, I can attest to that cause that’s what I mostly play

  3. Medal of honour remains my best so far, don’t know why it’s not on the list here

  4. dead effect is the best here don’t argue it with me

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